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Was Ima Hogg a real person?

Yes she was, and she did not have a sister named Ura. She was a Texas Oil Millionairess, art collector and patron of the arts. Noted for her Philanthropy, she is often calle ( Full Answer )
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What does ima stand for?

I must admit Or I am going to....( I am going to, read this book later)
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Ima firin mah lazor?

Shoop da whoop orginated from 4 chan, in which a user managed to sucsessfully cross two dragonball characters, cell (perfect form) and mr popo( whos face still appears all the ( Full Answer )
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Who sings ima soul man?

the song was made by The Blues Brothers. You can find it under James Brown sometimes too.
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How do you calculate IMA?

well you calculate the M with the I with the A and then you get your answer but its MXIXA
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What is the IMA of a single fixed pulley?

Nothing, really. A slight loss due to friction. If the pulley is fixed to the load, then there is a 2:1 advantage.
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What is ima document?

An IMA document is a type of form that is used throughout mainlandEurope with the exception of the UK to declare imported goods. Thedocument was formally known as the IM4.
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What does ima firin mah lazar mean?

its a very viral internet meme, steps: 1. charge your lazar. 2. build up your lazar. 3. remember, dont choke on your lazar. 4. fire your lazar. if you do choke on your laza ( Full Answer )
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What is the IMA of the inclined plane?

The ideal mechanical advantage, or IMA, of an inclined plane isequal to the length of the incline divided by its height. The IMAis calculated without regard to friction.
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What does Ima Firin Mah Lazahs mean?

The term "Ima Firin mah lazahs!", is an internet meme. You take an image and draw on a mouth and eyebrows with red. The mouth is filled with black. The eyes are white, and ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between ima and ama?

Ima is Ideal Mechanical Advantage and Ama is Actual MechanicalAdvantage. The difference is that IMA doesn't take into accountelasticity or friction and AMA does.
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Is Ima a word in the dictionary?

With the possible exception of the OED (Oxford English Dictionary), I doubt you will find this word in any dictionary just yet since it is, at this stage, a relatively recent ( Full Answer )
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What is the IMA of a wheel and axle?

The IMA of a wheel and axle is the radius of wheel divided by the radius of the axle.
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How do you calculate the IMA of a lever?

Length of input arm (input force to the fulcrum) divided by the Length of the output arm (output force to the fulcrum) example d in / d out =2cm/4cm =0.5 in the exa ( Full Answer )
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What is IMA Service?

IMA is nothing but independent management architecture this IMA service is resides in all the citrix servers, when ever we lost the connection between server to server conne ( Full Answer )
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What is IMA Service citrix?

Its a collection of subsystems (dll) that communicate each other and provides services/functions to the presentation server. It works on the port 2512 and 2513. The port 2512 ( Full Answer )
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Why is IMA larger than AMA?

IMA is larger than AMA, because the IMA is the FATHER of AMA. ec8f035c-5e88-47cb-8476-d5e2234a0aa2. 1.03.01.
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What does it mean when the IMA is less than 1.0?

If an IMA (ideal mechanical advantage) is less than one, that means the lever the force is applied to is shorter than the lever lifting the load.
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Who was Ima Fatman?

Ima fatman was a woman that lived in a cave a long time ago. she ate cookies all day long, and soon became rather plump. a small bulge was appearing in the front of her pants ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of Ima watashi wa wakarimashita?

It means, "Now I understood." ima = now watashi = I or me wa = particle to link a noun with another noun or adjective wakarimashita = to have understood (-mashita denotes pa ( Full Answer )
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Where is ima firin ma lazer from?

ima firin ma lazer is from the youtube comedian Dominic Fear on his hit series The Lazer Collection.
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What does zois imas mean in greek?

Zois Imas (zoi se mas / ζωή σε (ε)μας) means Life to Us. It is typically offered as a triumphant declaration of the living at the time of the passin ( Full Answer )
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Who is romey and ima dean in where the lilies bloom?

Romey is the son of Roy Luther and the brother of Mary Call, Ima Dean,and Devola. Ima Dean is the daughter of Roy Luther and the sister of Mary Call, Romey, and Devola.
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Did ima hogg have children?

ima hogg is one of my great great great... grandma's and i shouldknow all about this so to answer the question ima never got marriedbecause she was too busy helping others but ( Full Answer )
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How do you calculate IMA of a pulley?

Take the weight of the object then divide by however many visibleropes.(if the force is pulling down)
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How does the length of a screw affect its IMA?

Ideal Mechanical Advantage can be found using this formula IMA = DE / DR . Ideal Mechanical Advantage is a theoretical calculation, AMA,Êactual mechanical advantage is calc ( Full Answer )
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How does the diameter of a screw affect its IMA?

Due to the lack of information that you gave me with your question I cannot anwer it at this time. Please give more detailsabout what you are wanting to know..
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Where can one find information about Ima Robot?

Information about Ima Robot can be viewed at their entry in Wikipedia. There is also an interview with Tim Anderson of Ima Robot on the website of ASCAP with further informat ( Full Answer )
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Who is the current Chief Ima of Benin Kingdom?

Ima of Benin kingdom is Chief Edwin O. Woghiren. Chief Woghiren isalso a fellow with EWEF educational Foundation in Canada.