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What is imagery?

Imagery is language that appeals to the five senses. Auditory ( hearing) Gustatory( taste) Tacticle (touch) Olfactory( smell) I think of the smell in an old factory Lol. and v ( Full Answer )
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What is natural imagery?

natural Imagery is when the author uses nature to create images in the readers head
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What is imagery in poetry?

Imagery in poetry is what the words of the poem make the reader 'see' in their imagination. it is the colors, sounds, and sometimes feelings evoked by the poem.
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How do you explain imagery?

Imagery is the name given to the elements in a poem that spark off the senses. Despite "image" being a synonym for "picture", images need not be only visual; any of the five s ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of imagery?

A word or collection of words that appeal to the senses a word or collection of words that appeal to the senses
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What does imagery mean?

The word imagery means something that represents a visual concept. In writing imagery is using words of great description to let the reader get the picture of what you are tal ( Full Answer )
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What are patterns of imagery?

\nI'm not sure either, but I think that the main subjects are the five senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell.
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What is thermal imagery?

It is when people use temperature to take pictures... If you need more help, i know a lot about it.
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What are the types of imagery?

Olfactory and visual are types of imagery. Other types of imageryare taste, or gustatory, auditory, and kinesthetic. In writing,imagery refers to the five senses.
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What are sentences with imagery?

Sentences with imagery help the reader to have a better idea ofwhat is being talked about. For example, "The big yellow labquickly ran down the abandoned street."
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What is aural imagery?

Imagery of sound- sound words (onomatopoeia) help create aural imagery. you can imagine the scene as well as hear what is going on in the scene. eg. 'the school bell rang(soun ( Full Answer )
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An example for imagery?

Imagery is a literary device that authors use to provide vividdescription to the reader. There are seven types of imagery, andeach corresponds to a sense or feeling. An exampl ( Full Answer )
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What are the elements of imagery?

There are two main elements of imagery. There must be a purpose orcause as well as a symbol that is used.
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Why use imagery?

I feel the main reason is to be able to express more vividly a thought or to bring out an emotion or two from readers.
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What is the purpose of imagery?

To create and convey a mental image to the reader of a certain action, event, or thought.
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What is religious imagery?

It would be considered based on the bible standard, anything that depicts a thing or someone in a way as to be worshiped. Which is against the bibles rule of idolatry.
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What are imagery numbers?

imaginary numbers are numbers that are a negative square root, which is not possoble therefor it is called and imaginary number. ex the square root of -24 is an imaginary numb ( Full Answer )
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What is imagery used for?

I am not much of an expert at this, but i know why imagery is used It is used to get the readers head deep down in the story and actually get the picture of what happening ( Full Answer )
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What is organic imagery?

Organic imagery - internal sensation: hunger, thirst, fatigue, fear . Example: After Apple-Picking - My instep arch not only keeps the ache, It keeps the pressure of a ladd ( Full Answer )
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What is an imagery example?

If your tired and hopeless, how can you show someone this instead of telling them? This is how. . I took a walk around the world to . Ease my troubled mind . I left my bod ( Full Answer )
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What is celestial imagery?

Anything relating to the sky. For example : the sun, stars, moon, clouds, night etc.
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What is dark imagery?

Dark imagery is the use of darker, and colder words as opposed to brighter more friendly ones. For example Dark imagery could be like 'The castle had a frozen feel to it, with ( Full Answer )
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Where is imagery in The Giver?

imagery is used when the giver is transmitting memories of snow tojonas.he uses words that describe snow, this helps jonas paint amental picture in his mind.
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What is sound imagery?

The use of certain words or phrases to describe a sound. Such as alliteration ( many words that starts with the same letter) like : Sam Saw Some Seagulls.
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What is an imagery for twilight?

Well the legend of"The Cold Ones" that Jacob tells Bella is fake and obviously Vampires and Were wolfs are fake. Pretty much everything else is real.
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What does imagery meen?

The work of one who makes images or visible representation of objects; imitation work; images in general,
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What is literal imagery?

"ya face" isn't really a valid answer. Literal imagery/language is simply what it says. For example "he kicked the bucket" in the sense of literal imagery just means he kick ( Full Answer )
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What is negative imagery?

if only i knew.........yet the stupid internet does not provide adefinition or any examples how stupid
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What is opposing imagery?

Opposing Imagery - Imageswith positive connotations juxtaposed with images with negativeconnotations, used in connection with opposing ideas in order toassociate negative or ( Full Answer )
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Imagery in The Outsiders?

There is visual imagery in chapter 8 " he was as pale as a pillow and looked awful"
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Is there imagery in Hamlet?

Yes, lots. It starts at about line 10 of the first scene when Barnardo asks, "Have you had aquiet guard" and Francisco replies "Not a mouse stirring". It ends around line 400 ( Full Answer )
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What does guided imagery do?

Positive mental imagery can promote relaxation and reduce stress , improve mood, control high blood pressure, alleviate pain , boost the immune system, and lower cholesterol a ( Full Answer )
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What is aversion imagery?

Aversion imagery involves the pairing of a sexually arousing paraphilic stimulus with an unpleasant image, such as being arrested or having one's name appear in the newspaper. ( Full Answer )
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What is exaggeration imagery?

Descriptions of something that are exaggerated or overstated; things that describe one thing used with added effect
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What is imagery metaphor?

or emptied some dull opiate to the drain,``one minute past lethe ward has sunk . this is an ode composed by keats,rather line from ,the emotion wavered into the song of nighti ( Full Answer )