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What does impeding mean?

Impede means to interfere with, block or slow something. For example, when you are impeding traffic, you are interfering with traffic, blocking or slowing it to less than ande (MORE)
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What is the noun of impede?

"Impede" as a noun would be an "impedance." This is wrong. "Impedance" is a term relating to electrical conductance/resistance. The noun of "impede" is "impediment".
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What is the unit of impedence?

Impedance "Z" is measured in Ohms, same as resistance. The only difference is that this form of resistance is frequency dependent where induction or capacitances are involved. (MORE)

What is an impedance relay?

Impedance relays are used whenever over-current relays do not provide adequate protection. They function even if the short circuit current is relatively low. The speed of oper (MORE)

What is impedance matching?

making impedances identical. when done between supply and load it is done to maximize power transfer.when done on cables and busses it is done to prevent or minimize signal re (MORE)

What is percentage impedance?

In electrical engineering, the percentage impedance of a  transformer is the voltage drop on a full load, which is expressed  as a percentage of the specified rated voltage. (MORE)