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What does an incubator do?

Answer . It keeps conditions ideal to support life, whether it's chicken eggs or human infants.. Answer . \nThe word incubation (from the Latin incubare, "to lie upon") (MORE)
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What is incubation?

Definition of "Incubation" In the poultry (eggs) industry; the process of hatching the eggs artificially without the female birds using machine to create artificial envir (MORE)
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What is incubation stage?

this is the stage where the bacteria affects the body but your are not sick yet
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What is a incubator?

In the business world, an incubator is an enterprise that is set up to provide office space, equipment, and sometimes mentoring assistance and capital t...
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What temp does a incubator?

Maintain Incubator at between 99.5 and 101 degrees F. I keep mine at 100 degrees F with a humidity of about 55 to 60 %. increase to 65% three days prior to expected hatch time (MORE)
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What is incubment?

Probably you mean incumbent. The word means . lying or leaning on something else; "an incumbent geological formation" . necessary (for someone) as a duty or responsibility (MORE)
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Were can you get a incubator?

Incubators are available on-line or from any country feed and grain outlet such as Shurgrain and Co-Op stores. Check farm supplies in the yellow pages of you phone book.
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Can you get an incubator from?

You can build your own incubator but if you want a manufactured one, you can get them at any country feen store locally. Places like Co-Op, Agri store or even order them on th (MORE)
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What is a chicken incubator?

It where you put a chicken egg before it hatches to warm it up (it has to be in there for 21 days)
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Do you have to have a incubator to have chicks?

No. A broody hen will hatch a brood of chicks the way nature intended. Incubators or a brood hen are the only two ways to get chicks, egg won't hatch into chicks without th (MORE)