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What does an incubator do?

Answer . It keeps conditions ideal to support life, whether it's chicken eggs or human infants.. Answer . \nThe word incubation (from the Latin incubare, "to lie upon") (MORE)
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How do you make an incubator?

Incubators can be made simple or elaborate. You need to contain heat and humidity at a constant level. 99.5F to 100.5F heat and about 50% humidity. The simplest incubator is (MORE)
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Who invented the incubator?

Tarnier and Martin invented the Incubator Inspired by chicken incubators,which had been based on thosedepicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs, a French obstetrician by the nameof Eti (MORE)
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What is incubation?

Definition of "Incubation" In the poultry (eggs) industry; the process of hatching the eggs artificially without the female birds using machine to create artificial envir (MORE)
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What are the uses of an incubator?

what ara the uses of an incubator. Used for culturing the microganism enviroment. Used for keeping premature/infact in the temperature same to that of their mothers womb. Use (MORE)
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What is a baby incubator?

a little bed(crib) that has a heating system and compartments for tubing to keep the baby (mostly premature ones)warm and to monitor his or her health concerns.
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What is incubation stage?

this is the stage where the bacteria affects the body but your are not sick yet
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What is a incubator?

In the business world, an incubator is an enterprise that is set up to provide office space, equipment, and sometimes mentoring assistance and capital t...
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What temp does a incubator?

Maintain Incubator at between 99.5 and 101 degrees F. I keep mine at 100 degrees F with a humidity of about 55 to 60 %. increase to 65% three days prior to expected hatch time (MORE)
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What is incubment?

Probably you mean incumbent. The word means . lying or leaning on something else; "an incumbent geological formation" . necessary (for someone) as a duty or responsibility (MORE)
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What does incubant mean?

Incubant is the entity within an egg being incubated. To incubate is to provide the required environment for eggs to grow and hatch. This term may be confused with incumbe (MORE)
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Function of an incubator?

Incubators are designed to supply all of the necessary environmental factors needed to grow bacteria or cells. If doctors needed to identify a particular bacterial infection, (MORE)
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Where to get an chick incubator?

There are many good sources.. A good website might be or you could also try Magazines include Practical Poultry - an ex (MORE)
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Were can you get a incubator?

Incubators are available on-line or from any country feed and grain outlet such as Shurgrain and Co-Op stores. Check farm supplies in the yellow pages of you phone book.
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What are incubators used for?

they are used to genetically age a disease or to advance life in there natura habitat like chicken incubators
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What is the temputere of a incubators?

You will get slightly different answers from different sources and it will depend on the machine and where you measure the temperature, but mine has run at 37.5C for the past (MORE)
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Can you get an incubator from?

You can build your own incubator but if you want a manufactured one, you can get them at any country feen store locally. Places like Co-Op, Agri store or even order them on th (MORE)
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Where can you borrow an incubator?

Incubators are fine tuned and subject to damage. It is unlikely you will be able to borrow one unless you know a friendly farmer in the area. It is often better just to build (MORE)
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Why is incubation done?

If your question refers to why is it done mechanically then Incubation is much more precise and reliable when dealing with hundreds and thousands of eggs. Relying on brood hen (MORE)
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How hot does it have to be in a incubator?

The temperature to set the artificial incubator at is between 100F and 100.5 Fahrenheit. It is also important to maintain a humidity of +60% for the first 18 days. At day 18 y (MORE)
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Why incubate ONPG?

too see transcription and translation speed - u plot it against time (A400 - A550*1.65) / 0.0075
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What is the incubation of a guppy?

Normally about 4 weeks. But it can be shorter or longer! The average guppy reproduces once a month.
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Who fathered the incubator?

The first incubator in recorded history dates way back to the 1700s, shortly after Thomas Jefferson invented electricity. A latent psychopath by the name of Wally Bruster had (MORE)
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Can you incubate microbes?

yes,We can incubate microbes in an incubator which controls the temperature,humidity or O 2 or CO 2 level, required for their ultimate growth.
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What is a chicken incubator?

It where you put a chicken egg before it hatches to warm it up (it has to be in there for 21 days)
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Do you have to have a incubator to have chicks?

No. A broody hen will hatch a brood of chicks the way nature intended. Incubators or a brood hen are the only two ways to get chicks, egg won't hatch into chicks without th (MORE)
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What is a principle of incubator?

It works on the principle that if optimum conditions of temperature and pressure are provided to organisms , then they can grow at their maximum rate.
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What is an incubator and do you need it?

It keeps the eggs warm so it will hatch if the egg is fertilized. Mostly you won't need it, only if your hen refuses to lay on the eggs.
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What does the egg incubator do?

an egg incubator heats the egg that is inside of it,you know inside the incubator
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What is incubation in psychology?

It is one of the 4 proposed stages of creativity : preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. [1] Incubation is defined as a process of unconscious recombi (MORE)
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What is labortory incubator?

it is used in bacteria grow (culture), also used in lab tests which require 37.c temp.
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Do Platypuses Incubate?

Yes. Platypuses are monotremes, or egg-laying mammals. Female platypuses incubate their eggs. They do this by curling tightly around the eggs for around ten says, until they h (MORE)