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What is the opposite of Inept?

The general opposite of inept is adept. . Also deft, skilled, capable, or competent.. Adept
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What does inept mean?

Inept is the aspect of having or showing no skill. It also meansunskillful, crude, incompetent or amateurish.
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What is inept?

Inept is a word that is used to describe someone who does not havethe skill to handle a certain task. For example, one who has poorbalance would be inept on the balance beam.
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How can you use inept in a sentence?

The girl didn't talk that much and was shy all the time. She was socially inept .
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What is an inept?

Inept is an adjective (describing word) that means having absolutely no skill.. Example sentences:. When it comes to dating, I feel completely inept and awkward . Mom can h ( Full Answer )
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Are pandas completely inept at life?

Apparently not, as they are not extinct. They just need bamboo, and luckily for them the forests they live in are filled to the brim with the stuff.
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What is more inept?

1. . unable to handle job: lacking the competence or skill for a particular task. 2. . totally inappropriate: not in keeping with what is right or proper for the circumstan ( Full Answer )
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Is passive inept?

Not at all. "Inept" means incapable, clumsy, or awkward. "Passive" means someone or something that is acted upon rather than acting.
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Is inept another word for expert?

No. Inept (meaning 'not good at') is the opposite of adept (meaning 'good at'). Other words for expert would be professional, adroit, masterful.