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What is initative?

I am not certain that you spellt this correctly, did you mean . Initiative. Action of creating or starting. A manager with initiative possesses the aptitude to bring forth (MORE)
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What does the initals DO?

The initials D.O., when placed after a person's name, stand forDoctor of Osteopathy. This doctor has all of the qualifications ofan M.D., but with a special emphasis on preven (MORE)
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What is the difference between init 1 and init S in Solaris?

Run level 1 is considered an adminstrative mode, usually for installing packages and so forth. In this situation, you want a minimal set of processes running, no other users l (MORE)
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What are the Sacraments of Initation?

Baptism, Confirmation, & Holy Communion (Eucharist).. Baptism is the washing away of the original sin inherited by Adam and Eve. It is also the entering into the Body of Chri (MORE)
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What is initative petition?

A process permitted in some states where by voters may put proposed changes in the state constitution to a vote it sufficient signatures are obtained on petitions calling for (MORE)
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What does initation have to do with Sikhs?

I don't think Sikh's have any relivation to the Christian initiation but if you meant "what is the Sikh initiation?" is here is your answer: The most important rite in the li (MORE)
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What is Montana's initals?

it is MT Here's a mnemonic for you. MonTana means MounTain and we are in MounTain time zone.
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What is initation ceremonies?

initiation :formal admission or acceptance into an organization or club, adult status in one's community or society ceremonies :the formal activities conducted on some solemn (MORE)
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Who has the initals ng?

NG - Harry Osborn a.k.a. New Goblin (Spiderman) NG - Movie: Naked Gun (Frank Drebin, played by Leslie Nielsen) NG - Nancy Grace (Journalist) NG - Nancy Lee Grahn (Actress) NG (MORE)
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What is the PID of init?

1. Simple as that. Without init the system would kernal panic due to how important init is. Note: if i am wrong, feel free to correct me