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What is the difference between int main and int void?

int main() refers that main function returns an integer value, where the integer value represent the program execution status. This status value is sent to the Operating Syste ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between short int and int?

It depends on the programming language, the compiler, and the machine architecture. In C, the size of short int and int is not mandated by the language. Often, on 32-bit ma ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of int in Java?

Well, you could be asking what the PURPOSE of "int" in code. If you say: int i = 0; You're declaring a variable to use in the program. int is an Integer keyword and it w ( Full Answer )
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How do you convert char to int in java?

If one needs to get the ascii value of a char, a cast to int will do it. char c='A'; int a=c; // a = 65 now If you are talking of getting the number 1 from the char ( Full Answer )
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How can you convert from int to string?

// assume we want to convert an int named some_int to a string String s = Integer.toString(some_int);
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How the const volatile int is different from volatile int?

All const does is prevent wou from using the variable to which it applies as an L-Value (on the left of an assignment). That is to say, if you declare something as const the c ( Full Answer )
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What is difference between global int and static int declaration?

when you declare as static int. default value will be initialized to zero .and its values persits during the program and local to the black. where as global declaration you ( Full Answer )
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What does int stands for?

INT stands for intermittent. The IV is changed to an intermittent set. So IV meds can be given at certain times with no IV fluids running continuously.
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An unsigned int can be twice longer as signed int explain how?

If you have a 1 byte (8 bit) number, then you can use those bits in two different ways, signed and unsigned. Unsigned means that all 8 bits represent a power of two, so you ( Full Answer )
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What is int the mediastinum?

It contains the heart , the great vessels of the heart, esophagus , trachea , phrenic nerve, cardiac nerve, thoracic duct, thymus , and lymph nodes of the central chest
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What is the abbrevations for int?

"int" is the abbreviation for an integer data type. In Java an int is specifically a 32-bit signed integer.
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What is the difference between short int and long int?

Value range. Tipical v.r. for short int: -2^15 .. 2^15-1 Tipical v.r. for int: -2^15 .. 2^15-1 or -2^31 .. 2^31-1 Tipical v.r. for long int: -2^31 .. 2^31-1 or -2^63 .. 2^63- ( Full Answer )
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Difference between int and long int?

In Java, an int uses 4 bytes - thus giving a range up to about 2 billion (9-10 digits). A long uses 8 bytes, for a range of up to about 19 digits.\n In Java, an int use ( Full Answer )
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What is parse Int?

parseInt() is a method in the Integer class in Java that is used for parsing string values as numbers. int i = Integer.parseInt("10"); would result in i being assigned a ( Full Answer )
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How many bytes in a const int?

The storage size of an int in C is loosely defined, and may be either 2 bytes or, more commonly, 4 bytes. Whether or not it is defined as const won't affect the size.
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Ehat words have ea int the?

appear . beach . bean . beam . bleach . beat . dean . dream . clear . crease . cheat . cream . deal . dear . disappear . earth . ears . eat . east . easy . ( Full Answer )
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How do you get points int heroes of gaia?

if your talking about shop points you have to buy them, but if you are talking about fame points just scroll over your amount of fame and it tells you pretty well.
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What is INT NONDR?

It is a distribution of int notary which the check you are getting is probable for your share of a de-mutualization that Principal and a number of other insurers go through ye ( Full Answer )
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How i useStatic extern int a in c?

No such thing, pick one ot the three: static int x; extern int x; int x;
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Which QB has the most INTs in the NFL?

I'm pretty sure that QBs don't get INT because they play on offense and you can only get INT while playing on defense. That and the QBs don't catch balls, they throw them.
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What does int mean in clinical setting?

It stands for intermittent needle therapy. It is a peripheral intravenous access site used to administer medications. It remains in the hospitalized client during their entire ( Full Answer )
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What is the largest dog int the world?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the 2011 World's Biggest Dog is George, a purebred Great Dane. He weighs nearly 18 stone and stretches 7 foot long from nose t ( Full Answer )
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What int 21a?

1. syntax error 2. int 21h -- assembly statement in x86 to access a MS-DOS service
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How do you find the median when you have two int?

When you find the median you are trying to find the middle of a set of numbers. If you line the numbers up in numerical order and count one off on each side multiple times, yo ( Full Answer )
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How get from howth to belfast int airport?

Take R105 (Harbour Road), from Howth, to R104 (at the light just past the TEXACO station). Turn right onto R104. . Take R104 to M1 BELFAST; follow signs. . Take M1 to NORTHE ( Full Answer )
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How do you get flash int the Pokemon FireRed?

You get it on the opposite side of the route before viridian forest. You will need cut for that, so you must have completed the SS. Anne.
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What is java int?

This groups includes byte,short,int and long. Integer data type is used for storing integer values. The size of the int is 32 bit . The range of the int is -2,147,483, ( Full Answer )
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What is the INT function in programming?

The INT function is to convert something into an integer. An integer is a number that goes out two decimal places.