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World war two facts?

the second world war was fought by Japan and Germany. it ended in September 2nd, 1945 when Japan surrendered.
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What was the best air force in World War two?

If the Luftwaffe would have been given more time, arguably, it would be the best air force in World War II. The Luftwaffe was the first air force in the world to develop jet f (MORE)
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What were disadvantages of air warfare in World War 1?

No. The only disadvantage which this contributor can think of was an invitation for the enemy to respond in kind. [You take a picture of me, I take a picture of you. You shoo (MORE)
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What were the air raid procedures in world war two?

During World War II, people who lived along the coast would takeprecautions to keep from being injured during possible air raids.People would keep their house lights off or us (MORE)
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Facts on World War two?

1. It started in 1939 and it ended in 1945 it lasted for six years. 2. When Germany were going to invade France, Winston Churchchill led the British Royal Navy to take all (MORE)
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An interesting fact about world war 2 in the pacific?

One Japanese I-Boat (Submarine) managed to sink one fleet aircraft carrier (USS Wasp), damage one new battleship (USS North Carolina), and damage a destroyer which later sank (MORE)
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What was air warfare like in World War 1 compared to World War 2?

air warfare in world war I was primitive compared to world war II. air combat in world war I was fought using relatively underpowered airplanes covered in cloth and supported (MORE)
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Air Warfare of Gulf War?

Um only gay sex is all i can think of. The previous answer tells quite a bit about the contributor, does it not? The Gulf Coalition gained early mastery of the air, and preci (MORE)
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What are two interesting facts on the subarctic?

Of course there are many interesting facts but if I was to pick twoI would pick how far south and north the subarctic extents. The Subarctic refers to a climate zone and it i (MORE)
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What are two interesting facts about Hawaii?

1) It has volcanoes 2) The natives coined the term "missionary position" to ridicule the missionaries' teachings on sexuality 3) One beach has black sand composed of volca (MORE)
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When warfare in world war 2?

Warfare in World War 2 are illegal and dangerous than warfare in World War 1.
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How was air warfare used during the World War 1?

Write brothers plane was built in 1903... WW1 Started in 1914.. It was much like the end of king kong.... The earliest uses for airplanes during war was as aerial reconisanc (MORE)
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How did air power change warfare during World War 2?

Although airplanes changed from cloth covered wooden airplanes of WWI into metal airplanes of WWII, as well as more advanced and powerful bombers; the real change was "Naval W (MORE)
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What are some interesting facts about world war 2?

- It was the largest armed conflict in recorded history, spanning most of the globe. - It was the first time nuclear weapons were used in battle (Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Ja (MORE)
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What are facts about the trench warfare in world war one?

Trenches were dug by both sides in the war. . Trenches were used to protect men from artillery and machine-gun fire. . Trenches became death traps if the artillery could acc (MORE)
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What are the most facts about World War two?

1 Britain joined because Germany was invadeing other countries fast and we did not want to be invaded 2 we warned the Germans not to invade Poland but they did so we declared (MORE)
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What was trench warfare in world war?

I assume you mean primarily World War One. Trench warfare developed over time, because at some point, neither side was 'winning' or 'losing'. A stalemate developed, and each s (MORE)
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How ground and air warfare had changed from World War I to 2?

well in world war 1 ground warfare was all in the trenches. one group would be in one trench and another in theres. they would charge at each other across a field called the n (MORE)
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Facts about world war two?

There are many facts of World War II. 1. The American President FDR helped the British by sending equipment to them(guns,ammunition, ships, soldiers, food supplies, tanks, etc (MORE)
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What are two interesting facts about chlorine?

1. Free chlorine attaches itself to organic matter. Thus, killing it and creating a chloramine particle. 2. If a pool smells like "chlorine", it's not too much chlorine - its (MORE)