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What are ions?

Ions are electrically charged particles. They form when an atomcontains an unequal number of protons in the nucleus and electronsin the electron cloud. Of course, there should (MORE)
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What is ions?

Atoms which have the same number of electrons and protons. They are electrically charged particles that have lost or gained an electron from an atoms valence shell. When ions (MORE)
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How are the ions transferred?

Ions are transferred through electrical charges and electrons. Theattractive force of ionic bonds causes them to move at fast pace.
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Are ions charged?

Yes they are. Negatively or positively charged particles called ions are formed when atoms form chemical bonds by gaining and losing electrons.
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Ions are formed by?

c. the transfer of one or more electrons from one atom to another
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What Is an Ions?

An ion is an atom, but with a negative or a positive charge.
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Which ions in the table are polyatomic ions?

it is sulfate, sulfite and many more.... Answer: Common Polyatomic Ions: -1 Charge: · Chlorate: CO 3 -1 · Chlorite: ClO 2 -1 · Cyanide: CN -1 · Dih (MORE)
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What are an ions?

an atom that has lost or gained electrons to form a full outer shell, if it combinds with another atom so both get a full outer shell you use the term ionic bonds
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What do ions have?

\n. \n. \nIons have electronic charge.\n. \nAs ions are molecules or atoms with a different number of electrons(-1) to protons(+1) a positive ion has less electrons, and a (MORE)
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Do ions have ions?

Ions are atoms that have either gained or lost electrons. Ions are normally formed by chemical processes. For example the rusting of Iron yields various types of Iron Oxides. (MORE)
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What are -A ions?

The A - ion is the generic term for the conjugate base of an acid. The charge is balanced by an H + ion. The identity and formula of this ion depends on the acid, for exampl (MORE)
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What are ions and how are they made?

An ion is an atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving it a net positive or negative electrical charge.
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What causes ions?

Unless the element is a noble gas, it does not have a full valence shell, and is unstable. In order to fix this, it either loses or gains electrons giving it a charge. For exa (MORE)
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When are ions form?

Ions are formed when an atom gains or loses electrons. When an atom loses electrons the Ion that is formed has a positive charge.
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Why ions are stable?

because they form in compund where one atom loses electrons and other gains.
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Why do ions attract?

Can't tell you 'why', that's nature I suppose, but remember that only when charges are opposite (plus vs. minus) then they attract, otherwise they bounce
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What are chlorine ions?

The ions of the element Cl (chlori n e) are called chlori D e, formula Cl -
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What is helium ions?

Helium ions can be synthesized by removing electrons from a helium atom and it would need a tremendous energy.
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What is hydrated ions?

Hydrated ions contain water molecules inside their crystalline structure. They are not chemically bonded to the water molecules.