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When a man cheats why doesn't he want his wife to be making love to another man at the same time if he gets irate and is fearful of the competition?

Answer . \nIt's a double standard. The cheater continues with their behavior but expects their partner not to betray or transgress from the relationship. The relationship (MORE)
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What is irational numbers?

Numbers that cannot be expressed as ratios of integers. For example, pi is irrational, while .6838 = 6838/10000 is not.
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Is zero an irational number?

Zero is a rational number, and therefore is NOT an irrational number. The definition of a rational number is any number that can be expressed as a fraction where the numerato (MORE)
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What is a irational numbers?

A rational number is one that you can express as a ratio (fraction) between two integers, e.g., 3/5, 5/8, 11/3, 9/1. The last example shows that rational numbers include the (MORE)
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Is irated past tense?

No. The word "irate" is an adjective, it doesn't have a past tense.
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What are irational and rational numbers?

A rational number is one that can be written as a fraction, with whole numbers for numerator and denominator; for example 1/2, 3/5, 7/3, and any whole number (for example, 7 = (MORE)
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Is pie a irational number?

Yes pi is an irrational number because it cannot be expressed as a fraction
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How do you spell iratate?

The correct spelling is irritate (to annoy orbother, or to make sore).
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What is a irational decision?

An irrational decision may lead to problems. If someone is on drugs or medication, they may make decisions that are not the norm, which could lead to something dangerous happe (MORE)
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Is -3 irational?

No -3 is not an irrational number
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Is 29 irational?

29 is a rational number and it is also a prime number
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Is 1.414213562 irational?

Yes because it is a terminating decimal that can also be expressed as a fraction.
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Is 30 irational?

No because 30 is a rational number