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Queen Isabellas history?

There are alot of good websites to look at but the best one that i found that tells about her life from begining to end is
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What was ferdinand and isabellas motivation for supporting columbus?

Ferdinand and Isabel were eager to finance the expeditions ofColumbus because the Catholics had just recently regained power inSpain. With centuries of war finally behind them (MORE)
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Who was queen Isabellas husband?

Queen Isabella of France was married to Edward II. Queen Isabella of Valois was married to Richard II.
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What is 'Isabella' when translated from Italian to English?

"Isabel" is an English equivalent of the Italian name Isabella . The feminine proper noun -- which relates back to the ancient Hebrew name ×Ö±×œÖ´×™×©Ö¶×× (MORE)
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Are isabellas fat?

That is a very immature question. Of course not all Isabellas are plump. I know two Rachels who are round and that doesn't mean that all Rachels are fat!
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Who is isabellas parents on Phineas and Ferb?

Her mother is Vivian Garcia-Shapiro is a fast-talking Mexican woman and her stepfather, Mr. Shapiro is a sinister-looking slow-talking British man with a Jewish descent.
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What is 'Isabella' in Italian?

Isabella is an Italian equivalent of 'Isabella, Isabelle, Isabel, etc.'. It's a feminine name that's pronounced 'ee-sah-BEHL-lah'. It's related in English to the name 'Elizab (MORE)
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Why is 'Queen Isabella' important?

queen Isabella was important because she was brave enough to take the response abilitys and no one else could take place of the queens daughter. so now she was a very great qu (MORE)
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Does perry the platyus know about Isabellas crush on Phineas?

Well, if you saw Phineas & Ferb 2nd dimension then perry the platypus saw them kiss at the end. Also perry has seen those little things isabella does, like ask him for help an (MORE)