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Who was Queen Isabella I?

Isabella was Queen of Castile and Leon. With her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon she presided over the final defeat of the Moors in Spain, the eventual eviction of the Moors an ( Full Answer )
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What did queen Isabella do?

Queen Isabella reconquered Spain, She also funded and gave 3 of her boats the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa maria, which all but one sank, this lead to finding the new world w ( Full Answer )
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What did Ferdinand and Isabella do?

Ferdinand and Isabella funded sea voyages that made Spain verywealthy. The most famous voyage they supported was that ofChristopher Columbus in 1492 to find a route to Asia fr ( Full Answer )
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Who is Queen Isabella?

Queen Isabella was a great queen. She was smart and beautiful. Isabella helped Christopher Columbus set sail for the first time. Christopher Columbus wanted to see if there we ( Full Answer )
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Who is Isabella Swan?

Isabella Marie Swan is an average 17 year old girl (in the first book of the twilight series). She is somewhat albino with dark brown straight hair, fair pale skin, and chocol ( Full Answer )
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Who is Isabella Cullen?

Answer \n Isabella Cullen is a fictional character from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. In the first few books she is known as Isabella(Bella) Marie Swan, however, her va ( Full Answer )
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Who is Isabella Baumfree?

Isabella Baumfree is also known as Sojourner Truth. Sojourner Truthwas an abolitionist, women's rights activist, emancipated slave andevangelist.
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What did Isabella d'Este do?

Isabella d'Este was a political figure and leader in the ItalianRenaissance. She controlled military forces when her husband wascaptured in 1509.
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Who will Isabella go out with?

My mate Connor Burne is free. meet him in braunstone grove on Wednesday night at seven o'clock.
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Who was Ferdinand and Isabella?

They where royal cousins. Their marriage was politicaly arranged as an effort to unite their two kingdoms. Isabella financed Columbus's voyages to the New World. Isabella's ol ( Full Answer )
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Was there an Isabella in The Bible?

Yes, and no Isabella is not a bad Christian name! Look through the old testament pretty sure it's there it means consecrated to God or something similar if your thinking about ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with Isabella?

rockafella. I made that up!. 2 syllables : bela, bella, bellah, cela, cella, dela, della, ela, ella, fela, fella , grella, lelah, leola, mella, nela, nella, pella, rella, ( Full Answer )
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What is Isabella dachshund?

an Isabella dachshund is basically a blue to silver dachshund..usually with blue or very light eyes..theyre a rare color of dachshund to get..
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Who was Ferdin and Isabella?

Ferdinand and Isabella, also known as the Catholic Monarchs, were the King and Queen of Spain who financed Christopher Columbus. (She was from Castilla; he was from Aragon.) T ( Full Answer )
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How is Isabella a name?

THIS IS THE ORIGAN OF THE NAME ISABELLA. The name of Isabella gives you a clever, quick, analytical mind, but you suffer with a great deal of self-consciousness, lack of co ( Full Answer )
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Who was st Isabella?

Sister of St. Louis and daughter of King Louis VIII (the 6th) of France and Blanche of, Castile, she refused offers of marriage from several noble suitors to continue her life ( Full Answer )
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Where is Isabella from?

the name Isabella is from Ireland NO IT isn't! my name is ISABELLA and it comes from ITALY! it means beautiful i am Italian! i would know that! or latin Bella bambina
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Who is Queen Isabella I?

Isabella I was Queen of Castile and Leon. Her husband was Ferdinand II, King of Aragon. Together they presided over the final defeat of the Moors in Spain, The eviction of the ( Full Answer )
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What country is Isabella from?

Isabella was Queen of Spain. She is the mother of Catherine of Aragon (Henry VIII's first wife) and grandmother of Mary.
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Who is Isabella Paula?

Isabella Paula is an actress and social butterfly. Born July 31,1992. She has been in many movies, shows and commercials; however has not had a main part, yet. Appearing to ev ( Full Answer )
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Who were Isabella and Ferdinand?

Isabella and Ferdinand were the queen and king of Spain. Theyfinanced Christopher Columbus' voyage to America after his owngovernment would not.
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Isabella was Queen of?

Queen Isabella I was the queen of Castile in Spain. She married Ferdinand of Aragon, so they ruled their kingdoms together.
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Who is Isabella McClung?

Isabella McClung is ... Ashlynn Neumeyer's best friend on earth! Isabella is a stunning blond! She created the first Spaga. I once met her
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Who is Isabella Juria?

Isabella Clarisse Juria is the country's youngest published author. Her first storybook, You're A Star, is about Jamie and her pet pug Prince, who joined a pet show competitio ( Full Answer )
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Are isabellas fat?

That is a very immature question. Of course not all Isabellas are plump. I know two Rachels who are round and that doesn't mean that all Rachels are fat!
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Who does Isabella marry?

A lot of people hope Phineas. though Candace makes a reference that Isabella might marry Ferb. though it says Ferb's in some kind of camp when he grows up. so I want to say Ph ( Full Answer )
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Who is Isabella in twilght?

Isabella Swan, or commonly know as Bella, is the main character in the saga of "Twilight". She moves to Washington after she decides that her Mum, Renee Dwyer, is unhappy with ( Full Answer )
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Is Isabella your bff?

yes of course! she is the best my name is orla connolly and she rocks so much
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Phineas and Isabella?

Isabella is love with Phineas but so is he have you noticed that he is alwaystrying to get near her?
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What is 'Isabella' in Italian?

Isabella is an Italian equivalent of 'Isabella, Isabelle, Isabel, etc.'. It's a feminine name that's pronounced 'ee-sah-BEHL-lah'. It's related in English to the name 'Elizab ( Full Answer )
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Are Phineas and Isabella?

Well if you mean in love yes everyone knows Isabella likes Phineas but Phineas does have a crush on her it was showed several times.
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When does Phineas get Isabella?

Dan and Swampy (creators of the show) say that in the 3rd season, their relationship will be further explored . So, probably in the 3rd season, you'll see Isabella showing he ( Full Answer )
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Who is Isabella leitner?

Isabella Leitner was a victim of the nazis she and her family where send to concentration camp where the killed her mom and baby sister right away she and 3 sisters escaped wh ( Full Answer )
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Who name was Isabella?

Well my friend Isabella shorty is a very nice person and she is looking for a boyfriend soo boys if your looking for a girl she is perfect blonde hair,lice,braces,zits (but th ( Full Answer )
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Who likes isabella?

i think phineas has a secret crush on isabella, though he doesn't act like it. if you haven't seen the movie, sorry for spoiling it, but isabella kisses phineas and he seems r ( Full Answer )