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What does an Ixia flower symbolize?

Answer . \nhappiness\n. \n. \n(search it on google and it should say around the 3rd site down the list)
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What is the Greek 'Ixia' in Italian?

Ixia serves as the Greek and the Italian names of the plant. The name in Greek means 'chameleon plant'. It's one of the lilies that's popular outside of its native range in ( Full Answer )
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What is the Italian pronunciation of the Greek word 'Ixia'?

" EEK-syah " is an Italian pronunciation of the Greek word Ixia . Specifically, the Greek word is the name of a genus of plants. The word originally means "the chameleon p ( Full Answer )
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What is the company Ixia all about?

The global company Ixia provides both products and services to its customers. Ixia provides offers IP network validation and network visibility solutions.
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Where can a traveler locate an Ixia Hotel chain?

Yelp has a good list of the top-rated hotels in Ixia, Greece. The best rated hotel in Ixia according to Yelp users is the Elite Suites by Amathus Beach.