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What is JA Biztown?

Junior Achivements JA BizTown is a place where students run a town for a day. It is small and is part of the junior achievement non profit organization. It gives 5th graders a (MORE)

What is the meaning of Jas?

JAS means just a sec (Or second). These are called acronyms. JAS = just a sec IYKWIM = if you know what i mean QT =cutie JK =just kiddin' E=MCS =genius E=MC1= almost genui (MORE)

What is opposite of ja?

The opposite of the dutch word Ja (what means yes) is Nee (indeed, this means no). Of course if Ja means yes then the opposite would be no. If you search dutch word for no you (MORE)

What is the etymology of 'jas'?

'Jas' is a shortened form of 'Jasper' . The complete word may be a personal proper name for a male. It traces its origins back to the Hebrew word for a kind of quartz.
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What is a ja patty?

it is a unused for years slang for a coffee party ja being slang for java