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Why is your man not jealous of what you do?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThere is a limit for everything. The fact that your man is not jelous of some things you do does not mean that he is not interested in you or mi ( Full Answer )
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How do you get someone jealous?

If you're trying to make a man jealous do the following. It always worked for me. Flirt with others when he's around, try to act as if he means nothing to you and just be rela ( Full Answer )
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How can you make him jealous?

If you're trying to make a man jealous do the following. It always worked for me. Flirt with others when he's around, try to act as if he means nothing to you and just be rela ( Full Answer )
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How do you make him jealous?

If you can only get the attention of the man your with by jealousythen it sounds like he is not a keeper. That is not a hurdle youdeserve to go through. If this is a relations ( Full Answer )
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What does jealous mean?

Jealous means envious or wanting something someone else has. 'Hewas jealous of his brother's good fortune.' Sometimes it means youare protective of what you already have. 'The ( Full Answer )
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Why do you get jealous?

Answer . Jealousy is a human emotion that occurs from a dislike of a certain situation (such as someone cheating with your girlfriend) or selfishness. It's an inbred facto ( Full Answer )
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How can you not be jealous?

Just try to keep your mind off of it and convince yourself that your not jealous. I just think of an Escuse that I tell myself in my mind and eventually I believe it.
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What is jealous?

1. feeling resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages. 2. feeling resentment because of another's success, advantage, etc. 3. char ( Full Answer )
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How do you not be jealous?

To not be jealous for a girl or boy you need to eat lots of chocolate and icecream, have lots of tissues, watch sad movies and if your lactose intolerent well sorry you have t ( Full Answer )
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Why are you jealous?

you are jealous because your not thinking about all the great and nice things GOD has gaven to you.! ok im sorry if you don't believe in GOD, that's your problem and you can s ( Full Answer )
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How do you make your ex jealous jealous?

okay well the best way to make your ex jealous is by flirting with other guys...BOYS HE IS NOT FOND OF............ always look your best and act really happy around other guys ( Full Answer )
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Are you jealous?

If so why are you jealous let's say someone is making new friends and you feel left out all you need to do is talk to your friend. For instance you are new and have no frie ( Full Answer )
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How can i get a woman jealous?

Answer . I've said this before, that there are plenty of ways to manipulate someone into doing what you want, but the more important issue here is whether it will bring you ( Full Answer )
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How do you know if he is jealous?

If a guy is jealous talk to him about it and if he says no look at the faces he makes when you talk to him and say are you sure cuz i think Ill do it again then see what he sa ( Full Answer )
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How do you get you ex jealous?

10 Ways to get your ex jealous. 1.Make them think you forgotten about him.Be joyful or something. 2.If you guys call each other count to 3 before you answer.So he will t ( Full Answer )
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Why is he jealous?

Jealousy is usually a sign of distrust within a relationship. It can also be attributed to simple human nature. We have the instincts of a predatory animal, and jealousy can b ( Full Answer )
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You are jealous what do you do?

find things that make you happy or think of the future that will lead beautifully than hers or his. ignore the person your jealous of and be proud that smething motivates you. ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if your jealous?

Some people find it best to just ignore their jealous feelings since jealousy will get you nowhere.
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What do you do if you jealous?

first of all you need to tell me why your jelouse because someone can show you why you shouldn't be. get over it. move on. get a new gf or bf. make them jelouse.
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What do you do about a friend that is jealous?

(Note: I honelstly am completely indifferent to what anyone thinks of this. I have just written, for my own sake of closure and expression, a conclusion to what I have learned ( Full Answer )
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Does Annabeth get jealous?

Yes. Annabeth is jealous of Rachel when Percy is hanging out with her. Annabeth is very possessive of her friends, and is easily jealous.
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Was Othello jealous?

Yes, he became very jealous of Cassio for his supposed affair with Desdemona (that really did not exist, and was totally fabricated by the scheming Iago)
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Why is Aphrodite jealous?

Most gods and goddesses of ancient Greece were attributed with human emotions such as jealousy for the reasons of their actions in mythology, that being the lore of the ancien ( Full Answer )
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What to do if jealous?

im insanely jealous of the girl that's dating the guy im pretty much in love with but all you gotta do is see other guys (or girls if your a guy) this makes the otherone jealo ( Full Answer )
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Am I jealous of my boyfriend?

I don't know, are you? You are the only one who can answer that and do something about it.
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How does it feel to be jealous?

When you almost want to steal the item you are wanting or you are mad at the person who got the item you wanted, just because they got that item and you didn't.
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Why is he making you jealous?

because the person you are dating is with another girl and is cheating on you
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What to do when your jealous?

That really depends why your jealous. You need to try your best to move on. You need to figure out what is causing this jealously and why. It might help to surround yourself i ( Full Answer )
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Who was jealous of Aphrodite?

Athena and Hera were jealous of Aphrodite because in a contest of beauty, Paris chose her and in return, the most beautiful women on Earth, Helen
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What is plural for jealous?

As "jealous" is an adjective and not a noun, it cannot have a plural. The noun form of jealous is jealousy and the plural of jealousy is jealousies.
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Why is she jealous about you?

Unfortunately my answer can only be as vague as the question my friend: Maybe you have something she doesn't have that she wants.
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When people get jealous of you or when people get jealous from you?

Jealousy is a normal human emotion normally occurring when you see someone doing or having something better than you do or have and best way to avoid it is to learn to stay c ( Full Answer )
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How do you say i am jealous?

If you are getting affected by the efforts the person is putting tomake you feel jealous .You think about the same thing repeatedlyand get a irritation level .Yes,you are gett ( Full Answer )
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Why are some jealous?

People are jealous because someone else is getting something or even someone that they cannot get.