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What is Pathological Jealousy?

Pathological Jealousy, sometimes called delusional jealousy , is when a person holds a belief, which is wrong, that a partner (e.g. huband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend) is be (MORE)
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What causes jealousy?

I have to say, I don't have the complete answer to that, but what I do know is that jealousy is usually caused by insecurity. A lot of people today (more referring to pre teen (MORE)
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Signs of jealousy?

If you have a friend and then he/she likes you,but you are dating or married to somebody else they might: Be rude to you,wont talk to you,and tells people lies about you or hi (MORE)
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How do you deal with jealousy?

If you are in love with someone and your mate is dating them then i would try toshow them up.
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How do you overcome jealousy?

be thankful for what you have and do something with your life instead of being mad at someone else, go for your self. Plus, always think of those less fortunate and keep (MORE)
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What are the signs of jealousy?

always wanting to be around the person in the relationship, wanting to know who you are talking too, what you are talking about, don't want the opposite sex to be around the o (MORE)
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Is jealousy bad?

Yes, jealousy is very bad. It can ruin a relationship in the matter of hours. It happened to me a few times. I was hanging out with my best friend (a guy) and my boyfriend got (MORE)
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Is jealousy a sin?

You cannot confuse envy or covet with jealousy. God Himself is referred to several times in the Old Testament as "jealous" and even is one of His names. It is a human and also (MORE)
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What do you do about jealousy?

This may not work if the person asking for advice is agnostic or atheist. Then who would they pray to? I say some jealousy is unavoidable even in perfectly healthy relationshi (MORE)
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What is jealousy?

Jealousy means that when someone has something that you don't youget mad or jelous. It could also mean that you are angry aboutsomething like your best friend gets the guy or (MORE)
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Types of jealousy?

well , if someone is jealous with someone then they would get angry , sad *
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What are the outcomes of jealousy?

Well...jealousy is a very powerful, negative thing. If you become jealous of something or someone that becomes your sole focus. All you can think about is that one thing and i (MORE)
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Is jealousy an emotion?

yes it is. jealousy is something that a person might be doing good at or you atleast see a person doing something good. its called jealousy. it is a feeling or believing. but (MORE)
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What is a metaphor for jealousy?

Green eyed demon is a metaphor for jealousy. Green in particular is a known color to be associated with the emotion of jealousy.
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A metaphor for jealousy?

if I were to describe jealously in a metaphorical way, I would say I felt like: "a limbless floater, scowling myself green in horror, as I drown in a sea of arms and legs" (MORE)
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How can you cure your jealousy?

Jealousy is a very horrible feeling for anybody, and the best way to cure it is to remember what you have.This means to be thank-ful for what you've got. If you are jealous (MORE)
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How severe is jealousy?

The sefer Orchot Tzadikim relates the following parable to show theseverity of jealousy. There was once a man who was jealous of hisneighbor for his wife and some of his posse (MORE)
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Why jealousy on a marriage?

it is because he/she don't want anybody to have a moment of you except him, its all about love...
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Why does Jealousy occur?

JEALOUSY Jealousy is a type of attitude that occurs to a person who does not have he/she wants.This happens to all stages of human beings!sTARTING FROM BABIE TO OLD LADIES.. (MORE)
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What can jealousy be compared with?

Jealousy can be compared to ownership (a girlfriend may not like other girls paying attention to her boyfriend) or, envy.
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How do you solve jealousy?

Jealousy is caused when one person realizes they may be inferior to another by means of wealth or maybe they want something or someone after seeing that the item of interest i (MORE)
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What is jealousy in relationship?

Jealousy is a big role factor, it can mess it all up. Its where you get angry or upset when your bf/gf talk to most likely the other gender. It makes you really upset an usual (MORE)
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Is jealousy an adjective?

No, but 'jealous' is an adjective. 'Jealousy' is a noun.
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What is the verb of jealousy?

Jealousy does not have a verb form. You would have to use "be jealous" to describe that act.
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Is lust jealousy?

NO. It is not correct to say that lust is equivalent to jealousy.
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Are there limits to jealousy?

that would depend on the person, and what is the person jealous ofto start with, jealousy causes nothing but grief and tragedy, so itis better to come to grips with the situat (MORE)