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Why do some friends get jealouse of their own Friends?

Jealousy is the result of insecurity. Jealous people do not believe that they are good enough to have the other person's affection, and they feel threatened when the person pa (MORE)
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How do you make a girl jealouse?

if your a guy you act all flirty with other girls, and if your a girl then you act all flirty with guys
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Miley Cyrus is jealouse of selanana?

Yes because everyone is saying Selena is the new miley and miley is mad but Selena said "im not here to budge anybody out or beat anyone im here to have fun!"
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What is the meaning of the word jealouse?

jealouse means that you wish you were the person you are talking about or that you want to be more like her/him it might be that you want/need something that they have therefo (MORE)
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How do boys make girls jealouse?

is this making a girl jealouse this boy i love befroe he had the girlfriend he was lookig at me alot and wen he had the girlfriend he was looking at me alot to? no its no (MORE)
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Why is my ex trys to make me jealouse?

he/she probably just want to get something going. Or he/she still likes or love you and wants to test you to see how you react to it. i know lots of people that do that to tes (MORE)
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How do you survive your mothers hatred when a stranger moves in and acts like you did and mother accuses you of jealously?

You survive by: 1. Working on patience 2. Working on communication skills 3. Physical activity 4. Deep breathing 5. Yoga 6. Resting 7. Remembering that life will go on and get (MORE)
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How can you make a girl jealouse if nobody likes you?

well to make a girl jealous, you don't always have to do it by choosing someone to like you. if no one likes you ; maybe you can get nice new clothes, shoes,new hair style, or (MORE)
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How can you tell a guy is making you jealouse please no silly answers?

u know when he is trying to make u jelous when he is hanging out with other girls and keeps looking at u 2 make sure that u r looking and when he talks 2 u (if he does idk) if (MORE)
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Why are guys jealouse?

Because they think they're "Top Dogs". They can't stand seeing someone else being better and more important then what they are.
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What movie and television projects has Victoria Jealouse been in?

Victoria Jealouse has: Played Athlete in "Snowriders II" in 1997. Played Victoria Jealouse in "High Life" in 2003. Played Victoria Jealouse in "Soul Purpose" in 2004. Performe (MORE)