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If your boyfriend calls you every two minutes and asks why you don't answer your phone is that a sign of jealousy?

Answer . Yes it is and you should nip it in the bud by telling him he either trusts you or he doesn't, and if he doesn't (and you've given him no reason) then tell him you ar (MORE)
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Is it normal if you were deeply in love with your abusive husband but now that you are separated and he has a new girlfriend you feel no jealousy and feel almost relieved?

Answer . It quite natural to feel the way you do and you are relieved and why would you feel jealous? She can have him! He was abusive and controlling and made life miserab (MORE)
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You've been together 6 months friends for years you are not dating how do you know he really does care and not using you How do you stop jealousy if you never had jealousy until he came in the picture?

Answer. If you have been together for six months, then talk to him and find out where he is with his relationship with you. Worse comes to worst, you know if you have a future (MORE)
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How can people deal with grudges and jealousies?

People deal with grudges by trying to think outside of the box--what if their relationship with the other person was free of these things? And then, acting "as if" it were tru (MORE)
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How do you get over a relationship when your girfriend has walked out i had no warning we never argued she said she has an insane jealousy about me i could not even go to work without been accused?

Answer . Even though you are upset, your girlfriend did do the right thing for both of you by ending the relationship. You cannot have a healthy relationship when a person (MORE)
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Your husband and you have not lived together for 5 months you are still trying to resolve the problems of jealousy and physical abuse is there any way your marriage can be salvaged?

I'd say that the two of you should go to see a marriage councilor or someone in a related field. If the two of you can't work out your problems, then you need outside help. An (MORE)
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If a guy that you like asks you if any guy at a bar turned you on is that a sign og jealousy and that he likes you?

About That Guy at the Bar? . Who knows? Such remarks are meaningless unless you know that person you're with inside out. There can be many reasons for such an offhand remar (MORE)
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Which author said 'Jealousy thy name is woman'?

No famous author I can find. Your 'quotation' is a bastardization of Shakespeare's " Frailty thy name is woman", from Hamlet (Act I, scene 2). See related links below, whi (MORE)
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He is trying to get over a love while living with you. It is over with her but I wonder sometimes if it is. I know I have to give him room to grieve but it is hard. How do I handle my jealousy?

Personally I don't think that it's healthy for you to be together. WHY? Because he is trying to forget about her and you are pretty much the rebound (no offense). You should b (MORE)
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Who sang 'Jealousy'?

Natalie Merchant--1996 Also a song with that title by The Escape Club in the late 80's
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Does the cruelty of God stem from his wanting for us to know his pain or his inability to live up to your expectations or some sort of a jealousy rage thing or sadistic boredom thing or what?

God does not want us to hurt or feel pain. Sometimes we go through hard times because we need to experience certain things to grow and become better. It may be hard to underst (MORE)