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Where were jeans invented?

by honda Blue jeans were invented by Jacob Davis in partnership with LeviStrauss & Co in 1871 and patented on May 20, 1873. They becamevery popular during the California Gold (MORE)
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Boots in jeans?

Jeans are something or a peace of cloth you wear at the bottom of your body, and boots are shoes or cloth with rubber at the bottom that you wear on your feet.
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How do you stretch jeans?

I use maybe a long ruler or a long book or something long to stretch it across the waist. Just button up and zip your jeans (Don't wear them while you do this) then insert tho (MORE)
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Invention of jeans?

Jean were invented by Levi Strauss, He had went west with awagon-load of dry goods with the intention of opening a dry goodsstore. He soon found out rugged pants that would la (MORE)
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How do you make jeans?

you like get some denim and sew buttons on and dye it and sew it together and stuff
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How do you destory your jeans?

Here is great information on how to, and how not to, distress or destroy jeans: draw on them :)
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Was there jeans in 1920?

There was no jeans in 1920, Jeans came in to market in early 50s .
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What is jeans?

Jeans is a lose that you ware when you are in anywhere it much with any thing, any is so so so so so cute.
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Why are jeans called jeans?

This Word 'jeans' comes up from French phrase bleu de Gênes, literally the blue of Genoa.
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Where can you by skinny jeans?

Most stores that carry clothing (jeans) will carry skinny jeans. Popular stores would include, JC Penny, Hot Topic, Old Navy, American Eagle Outfitters, GAP, Hollister, Macy's (MORE)
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Is skinny jeans out?

Not really. Tons of people wear them but loads don't, so don't feel obliged either way just because of what I said.
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What is Rafael jeans?

Its a fashion brand originative from Amsterdam in The Netherlands, it can be described as an luxury brand with beach patterns. Highly influenced by high-end fashion of Italian (MORE)
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What is 'Jean' in Italian?

Giovanna is an Italian equivalent of the English/Scottish name Jean. Specifically, the name is a feminine proper noun. It traces its origins back to the Old French name J (MORE)
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How do you get jeans on Littlebigplanet?

you simply play all the levels and get 100% on each level you do and at the end you will have the jeans and your sackboy will be very stylin
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Are jeans cute?

Jeans are only good looking on men. Woman should not wear jeans, especially those who are overweight.
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When is jeans for jeans day?

Do you mean Jeans for Genes Day? If so it's Friday 19 September2014 check out the related link for more information
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What does the French 'jean-jean' mean?

Jean is a French male first name, equivalent to the English 'John'. In some regions, the nickname 'jean-jean' used to mean 'simple-minded', but this is not understood any more (MORE)
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What to wear with jeans?

This is really down to personal preference but anything looks cool as jeans go with anything.But here's my ideas... . A jumper dress, . And open shirt with a t-shirt insid (MORE)
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Where do they sell jeans?

I assume you mean online... Most stores you would find at the mall have websites too, but usually they don't have the best deals. Amazon actually sells jeans and they generall (MORE)
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Who discovered jeans?

The material we know as denim is very old. The crew of Columbus wore a denim type of material. Jeans that we know come from the CA gold rush and a man name Levi Strauss who ad (MORE)
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What are loose jeans?

Just what it sounds like: jeans that are loose, i.e. jeans that aren't snug and tight.