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What is Jeanette McCurdy's birth date?

It's on June 26, 1992.Right now she is 17 years old.The right spelling of her name is Jennette Mccurdy just to let you and every one know.
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What is the definition of jeanette?

Jeanette is a female name with variations that include Janette andJanet. The name is Hebrew for "God is gracious."
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Who is jeanette mccurdy?

she is known for starring on shows she has played in zoey101 icarly and many other shows and she is seventenn on the show icarly she is a tomboy but i real life she is a girly (MORE)
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Where is Jeanette McCurdy from?

Jennette McCurdy grew up in Garden Grove, California. She now lives in Los Angeles, California.
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How do you spell Jeanette?

This name is commonly spelled "Jeanette" in English-speaking countries as well as in countries like Germany for example. Whether or not that is correct does not depend on th (MORE)
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How old is Jeanette Miller?

US character actress and voice actress Jeanette Miller was born inthe mid-1920s, has been an actress since the 1940s, appearing incredited film and TV roles since 1955. *She w (MORE)
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Is Jeanette Mcurdy nice to her fans?

Yah when I went to build a bear for my birthday I gave my bear to her and she wanted me to have it but she has it.
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Does Fred like Jeanette?

They are actually good friends. There is really no passion between them except the circustances of acting together and being friends. Anything else besides that is nothing. As (MORE)
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Who is Grace Jeanette?

she sings one of mcr songs "na na na" she is the "mcr girl" on the cover of their new album "a love letter to rock and roll" she sings in a couple youtube videos and is very w (MORE)
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Is Jeanette the tallest?

yes Jeanette is. People think Brittany is but there wrong. IT'S JEANETTE
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Who is Jeanette Miler?

She's one of the Chipettes she is a smart and independent girl sheneeds her glasses to see things without her glasses she will bumpinto things a lot. She has a big relationshi (MORE)