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Who was St. Joanna?

Answer . Known as Joanna the Myrrhbearer. 1st century lay woman. Married to Chusa, steward of King Herod Antipas. Disciple of Jesus, and mentioned in Luke (8.3) as providin ( Full Answer )
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Is Joanna Noelle Levesque pregnant?

Yes she has been seen leaving new york hospital just last week she is now 8 months pregnant with reported boyfriend ashton kutcher, she has been seeing him since september 201 ( Full Answer )
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Who invented Joanna?

my parents great, great, great, great, great, grand mother, unfortunately no one knows, or remembers her name
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What does the name Joanna?

The name Joanna means a kind,athletic person with lots of care for the ones she loves the most.
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What did Joanna Lumley do?

Joanna Lumley is best known for her role as Patsy Stone, bestfriend of Edina (Eddie) Monsoon, in the British sitcom 'AbsolutelyFabulous'. She's had a busy career in TV and mov ( Full Answer )
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Who was Joanna Fuchs?

Joanna Fuchs is a professional writer. She has written civil service tests for government agencies, a newspaper column, a national newsletter, public relations and marketing m ( Full Answer )
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Where was Joanna originated from?

Joanna is a feminine given name deriving from Koine Greek Ἰωάννα Iōanna from Hebrew יוֹחָנָה Yôḥānnāh mean ( Full Answer )
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Who is joanna Campbell?

Joanna Campbell is a contributor to Thoroughbred , a series of young adult novels. She has written: - books 1 through 14 of the original series, - books 1 and 2 of the Supe ( Full Answer )
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What is the root of the name joanna?

there ! Well, Joanna and Joanne is a very special and a very very very very very very popular name , its a very famous beautifu and but not just beautiful and lovely name! And ( Full Answer )
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How big is joanna newsom harp?

Joanna Newsom's harp is a full-sized concert pedal harp. They tend to range 54 to 56 inches at the top of the column, and weigh from 23 to 27 pounds (depending on the maker).
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Is actress joanna cassidy a lesbian?

She has to be, or is at least bisexual. She comes as one of the top scorers in my extensive astrological research which aims to differentiate between heterosexuals and non-h ( Full Answer )
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Is channel joanna a real psychic?

Yes she is amazing I found her at spiritual connection book store web site I looked for for a month everything she said came true. Well Joe, I have to agree with you she is ( Full Answer )
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Did Joanna Philbin get married?

As of November 2011, no statement has been released to the general public indicating that author Joanna Philbin has gotten married.
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Who sings Give you hope Joanna?

Gimme Hope Jo'anna - Eddy Grant Well Jo'anna she runs a country She runs in Durban and the Transvaal She makes a few of her people happy, oh She don't care about the ( Full Answer )
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How do you write joanna in japanese letters?

ジョアーナ - Joahna gives a better approximation of how it will bepronounced in Japanese. The 'a' in Japanese is only used with thesame pronunciation as th ( Full Answer )
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Who is Joanna Adler?

Joanna P. Adler is an Obie Award-winning actor who has long enjoyed a distinguished career in New York City.
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Who is Joanna Pety?

Is a very sweet girl on a website called MovieStarPlanet! She is soo sweet and nice and she gives you gifts and talks to you and she is so amazing, sweet, nice, awesome, funny ( Full Answer )
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Does Joanna Modes Have a Boyfriend?

She is single! She missed her chance at love with very talented football player and she is single now.
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What did sue and Joanna love to do?

Sue and Joanna loved to do quite a few things. Depending on their age, they may have loved sleepovers, reading books and singing. If you read the full story you can find out w ( Full Answer )
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What did Joanna do all day?

It is difficult to know what Joanna did all day without knowing more information about her. However, one can assume that she was either working all day or attending school.
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Where did Joanna want to go?

Without knowing who Joanna is, there is no way to know where she was going. If she is a character in a movie or book, further details are needed to answer the question.
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How popular is the name Joanna Thomas?

Joanna Thomas seems to be a very popular name. There are numerous websites with the name of Joanna Thomas attached to them such as on Facebook and Twitter, there are also ref ( Full Answer )
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Is Joanna Karely a nice person?

Joanna Karely Garza is a really charismatic person she made a video in 2011 for African kids and her video got 698,345 views the video got famous in Mexico, Colombia, Unite St ( Full Answer )
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When was Lauren Joanna Davies born?

Lauren Joanna Davies was born on November 11, 1991, in Kingston upon Thames, England, UK.
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When was Joanna Moro born?

Joanna Moro was born on December 13, 1984, in Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR, USSR [now Lithuania].
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Does Joanna Modes smoke?

Who knows.She was seen smoking a suspicious looking cigarettes atthe Clive Davis party and she recently bought her dream home inPrague where marijuana is legal.
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What has the author Joanna Mendelssohn written?

Joanna Mendelssohn has written: 'The life and work of Sydney Long' -- subject- s -: Biography, Artists 'Lionel Lindsay' -- subject- s -: Graphic arts, Biography
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What has the author Joanna Weaver written?

Joanna Weaver has written: 'Reginald Parker Oliver Vine' -- subject- s -: Behavior, Christian life, Fiction, Stories in rhyme 'Having a Mary Spirit' 'Having a Mary Heart ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Joanna Farrow written?

Joanna Farrow has written: 'Quick and Easy Celebration Cakes (Hamlyn Food & Drink S.)' 'Getting Great Results from Your Ice Cream Machine' 'Fabulous Christmas Food (Good ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Joanna Banham written?

Joanna Banham has written: 'Victorian Interior Style' 'Victorian interior design' -- subject(s): Decoration and ornament, History, Interior decoration, Victorian Decorativ ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Joanna Sallybanks written?

Joanna Sallybanks has written: 'Assessing the police use of decoy vehicles' -- subject(s): Automobile theft, Offenses against property, Crime prevention
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What has the author Joanna Marsh written?

Joanna Marsh has written: 'Alexis Rockman' -- subject(s): Themes, motives, Nature, Art, Exhibitions, Effect of human beings on