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What jobs has Steve Jobs had?

Steve Jobs was once is on the board of executives of pixar. Now he is the CEO Of Apple Inc. He founded Apple Inc. and he also founded NeXT and Pixar.
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What jobs do robots do?

Robots do a lot of different jobs. Robots can be programmed to construct small assemblies of parts much faster and with better accuracy than humans, and they don't need bathro (MORE)
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Jobs in Texas?

There are a wide variety of jobs found in Texas. These includefarming, the food industry, business professions, as well asworking in a hospital.
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Jobs in Alaska?

fish hunt government services
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What jobs did the historians do for there jobs?

historians collect information and file it for later use. they write books, research papers, and sometimes online reports. they can be teachers and professors. for more inform (MORE)
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Jobs for that what can you do?

There is a job search directory that covers different industries. The site is called Set Pace Now. You will be able to identify what you like to do and perform a search from t (MORE)
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What jobs in the Navy are not desk jobs?

Jobs in the navy are not desk jobs if you dont have to have math,or tech skills or office skills it will say on there site
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What jobs are in Lithuania?

Not many that is why most Lithuanians, Latvians, Polish and Russians move to England to search for jobs to provide for themselves or their family.
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Why do you get jobs?

To earn money that you can use to pay for your expenses and taxes .
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What other jobs did Steve Jobs have?

Steve Jobs created NeXT and Pixar after being fired from Apple(dont even ask how.) After 5 years of work and progress, Applebought NeXT, and Steve Jobs was hired back again.
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What jobs does Steve Jobs have?

He was the former CEO of Apple from 1997-2011 after resigning in August and dying in October of that year (the day after the iPhone 4S launch).
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Why did they do jobs?

billion years ago:to get things done today: to earn money
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Where was Steve Jobs Jobs born?

steve jobs was originally born in syria to syrian parents however his parents couldn't raise him so they gave him up for an american family
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What jobs does Timewise Jobs offer?

Timewise Jobs is a UK based job listing website. It features advertisements from just about every job field and area of the UK. It does not offer a particular type of job over (MORE)
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What kind of jobs are on as400 jobs?

Like many other job-listing websites, as400 contains multitudes of jobs in one easy location. Most of these jobs are technology or engineering based and are geared toward indi (MORE)
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What jobs are known as civil jobs?

Civil service jobs are government jobs held by civilians. Civil service jobs can be police officers, Department of Motor Vehicles staff, and veterans administration jobs.
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What jobs do they have?

You need to specify with what job it is you're looking for or whatcompany you're talking about.