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Who is jun matsumoto?

Matsumoto Jun is a Japanese actor, musician, and idol. He is the youngest member of the very successful boy pop band ARASHI that has been together for more then 10 years. He h (MORE)
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Who is jun in Tekken?

Jun Kazama is the mother of Jin Kazama. in the Tekken 2 story, Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima were intamate and after the King of the Iron Fist Tournament II Jun got pregnant t (MORE)

Who is jun pyo?

One of the main characters from the korean drama " Boys Over Flowers" :) Full name is Gu Jun Pyo
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Is Jun dead?

In the story, Ogre attacked Jun Kazama Jin. Jin was knocked unconcious and by the time he waked up, Jun was nowhere to be seen. It is said that Jun was never dead but missing. (MORE)
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How do you get juns helmet?

They are two of Jun's helmet. One is for your avatar and the other is for your Spartan on Halo: Reach. The one for your avatar is simply got for "Killed 100 enemies in a ro (MORE)
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How does jun die?

when the rest of noble team leave with doctor halsy (srry if the spelling is wrong) from her lab they leave jun to hold off the huge army of covanant tht r coming their way fo (MORE)

What happend to Jun?

There isn't a canonical answer to that. Most fans assume he's alive. I recommend the webcomic "A Fistful of Arrows" It is non-canon but it's the best explanation I've seen. Th (MORE)

What is sil jun do?

Sil Jun Do is a form of mixed matial arts used for real world selfdefense. Meaning "the real way" It is made up of a mix of groundfighting, stand up and tactical self defense! (MORE)