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In Japanese what does kara mean?

In japanese, Kara means several things. it means smile, crow/raven, and could mean sunshine or happiness. Kara is the particle "from". -------------------------------- ( Full Answer )
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Who was Kara White in 1800?

It is impossible to state "Who was Kara White in 1800" because there is no location or location given, no year range, no age stated, and no other identifying information. Gene ( Full Answer )
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In Sikhism what does 'kara' mean?

The Sikhs were commanded by Guru Gobind Singh at the Baisakhi Amrit Sanchar to wear a steel slave bangle called a Kara at all times. This was one of five articles of faith ( Full Answer )
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What is the Indian Meaning of Inyan Kara?

Inyan Kara means mountain over a mountain....or some say(Hollow Mountain) To the Sioux it was a resting place for warrior spirits before proceeding on to the happy hunting gro ( Full Answer )
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Who is Kara DioGuardi?

Kara Dioguardi is an amazing person. She is a songwriter for many people such as Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock, Hilary Duff, Pink, and much more. She is now t ( Full Answer )
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What is the Kara and why is it impotant?

kara is a popular Korean girl band with 5 member under dsp arrangement. the members say that kara means "joy" & "sweet melody" they are super popular in japan.
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Who is A-Kara?

A-Kara is Vitaliy Bochkov, an ambient electronica artist from Zelenograd, Russia. His 2005 release "Deep Magic" is available via the netlabel Otium.
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What is kara in Sikhism?

A 'kara' is one of the 5K's (kakars.) It's a bracelet usually made of steel which represents a number of things: 1) It's shape (which has no end and no beginning), symbolis ( Full Answer )
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What is the kara and why is it important?

Kara means beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, lovely, kind. and the reason why she is so important it is because when she is older she will become famous and that goes to all Kara ( Full Answer )
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What is the mening of kara?

means compleat sexy and kind -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NO. it means "Black" in turkish, "loved" in ( Full Answer )
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Is kara a bird?

Kara is not a bird but a group of people on an island in Tanzania.. A Caracara IS a bird of prey found in the Americas.
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What is Karas Prophecy about?

"The worlds of humans and demons have overlapped since time immemorial, and a young woman named Yuri and her servant, the Karas, have long maintained order and balance between ( Full Answer )
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What does kara symbolise?

kara is a popular Korean girl band with 5 member under dsp arrangement. the members say that kara means "joy" & "sweet melody"
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Who is Kara Blanchard?

Kara Blanchard is the first woman to win a gofer at the age of 14; she currently owns 12 gofers. She also enjoys racing horses on Lake Erie. When she's not on the ridge of Lak ( Full Answer )
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Is Kara a super hero?

Kara is the Kryptonian name for Supergirl, so..yes. Like Superman she is from the planet Krypton and has the same powers as him. She is Superman's niece, I believe.
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Did Beth karas had plastic surgery?

Yes she did. All of a sudden she appears with a slimmed down nose and a tightened face. It's funny how women that work in the television industry feel they have to have plas ( Full Answer )
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What does the kara symbolies?

If you're asking what the name Kara (referring to the girl group) means, it means "sweet melody" according to DSP Entertainment.
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What does a Sikh's kARA represent?

the Kara represents that there is only one god and not to do anything stupid and stay faithful to your god.
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How old is Kara Knack Roberts?

Kara Knack is about 67 years old (born 1947). She never used the surname Roberts. Pernell Roberts, her husband, was 18 years older.
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Does kara tointon have any children?

Well we are not sure in real life but in eastenders she has a daughter called summer swann
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What is Kara Powell?

Kara Powell is a beautiful girl. She is smart, funny, and a little bit crazy and random! She is a loyal friend and a fashionista. Also loves to argue like
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Who is kara hoffmen?

Kara Hoffmen played Sunny Baudelaire in Lemony Snicket's " A series of unfortunate events "movie. She was born in 2002.
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Which hand should the kara be worn on?

It should be worn on the left hand. This is a symbol of joy and love for other people aropund you. In ancient culture it was customary to greet with the right hsnd behind your ( Full Answer )
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Who is Kara Mackenzie Tolbert?

She is a model / actress. She dates Josh Henderson, actor of Desparate Housewives. She was overseas modeling in Europe and used to live in New York before coming to LA.
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Where is hsn model kara Preston?

She lives in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, although she lived inAtlanta, Georgia for a short time before moving back to Florida.
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How old is Anton Karas?

Anton Karas was born on July 7, 1906 and died on January 10, 1985. Anton Karas would have been 78 years old at the time of death or 109 years old today.
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What is Sikh kara?

it is a bangle that sikhs wear on the hand they write on. It is basically a weapon that is supposed to be kept near them all the time so that it can be used if there's a situa ( Full Answer )
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Is Kara Clark a model?

No way I don't want to be mean but she's too short ugly and fat. That's the truth u can't change that. And if Kara reads this don't flirt with my BF!!
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Is Kara a Kpop or Jpop group?

Kara is a Kpop group. But they have the plan to go to Japan for further market
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Is kara finch a famous dancer?

Yes, she is trained in various styles from freestyle to ballroom and Latin to hip hop she currently holds various world titles and is on the track to stardom with vast opportu ( Full Answer )
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Is kara a nice name?

my mate s called kara and she can be bossy,mardy a poo sterry takes over peoples sides chats behind ma back leaves me out but end of day she a silly little pros
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Is kara in season 8 of smallville?

Yes, Kara is in Season 8 of Smallville however she's not a regular like she was in Season 7. She only appears in one episode in Season 8.
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What is Kara?

Kara is a South Korean girl group formed by the DSP Media in 2007. The group is composed of Park Gyuri , Han Seungyeon , Nicole Jung , Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung After ( Full Answer )
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What is a Karas Cousins?

Equal parts Vodka and Grapefruit Juice, with a splash of St.Germaine to taste (over ice)...