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What is KRA?

KRA stands for Key Result Area. Actually in the true sense KRA is a concept which is usually verydifficult to implement. How it works I will try to explain. At first the BOD (MORE)
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What is kras?

KRAS is defined as a gene that is designed to provide instructionsfor making a certain type of protein. This gene is sometimes calledKirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog (MORE)
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Abbreviation of KRA?

KRA is an abbreviation for the Kenya Revenue Authority. This is theKenyan equivalent of the Internal Revenue Service or IRS in theUnited States.
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What are the KRA bpo?

there is no specific answer for kra in bpo,because it's a generic word. it is nothing but a terminology that defines the work functionality of the whole business in a bpo.
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What is the KRA for Vice President Projects?

KRA for Vice president Projects: . Ensure the yearly / monthly production output. Ensure quality of the team work delivered. Ensure productivity in optimum cost . Decide (MORE)
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What is the difference between a KPI and a KRA?

KRA stands for Key Result Area - Each role in a company generally has a number of KRAs, which define the key areas that the employee needs to produce results in (for example, (MORE)
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KRA of a team leader in BPO?

1. Team Productivity improvement 2. Team Quality output improvement 3. Talent retention - Attrition 4. Quality of review improvement 5. Team Motivation 6. Knowledge Sharing - (MORE)
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What is the use of a KRA pin?

The moment you get your KRA Personal Identification Number (PIN), the taxman has you. You are within the tax net and there's no escape. Ever. So why would you get one? P (MORE)
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Who is Ana Kras?

Ana Kras is an artist and photographer married to singer songwriter Devendra Banhart. They married sometime in 2011 and the story goes that she was suppose to photograph him a (MORE)
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What are the components of KRA KPI?

The components of KRA KPI is firstly one of Hodders bollocks mixed with Duncan's sweaty armpit hairs. Hoddie.