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What lives in a kraal?

there are two meanings for a kraal . village whithin stockade . a traditional rural village, usually consisting of a number of huts surrounded by a stockade. OR.... 2 ( Full Answer )
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What is a kraal?

In Afrikaans it is a rural village, typically consisting of huts surrounded by a stockade. It can also refer to an enclosure for livestock.
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What is the definition for Kraal?

A kraal is an enclosure for cattle and other domestic animals in southern Africa. Or it can be a village of the native peoples of South Africa, usually surrounded by a stockad ( Full Answer )
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Who lives in a kraal?

Kraal is an Afrikaans (from Dutch) word for an area where animals live. It has in the past been used, incorrectly for the houses in which various South African tribes live.
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What is kraal made of?

Kraal, meaning cattle pen (most usually) in Afrikaans, is close to the English word "corral". A cattle pen can be made up of wood or steel fencing and gating (and/or other mat ( Full Answer )
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Which peoples traditional homes are called kraals?

Um ... cows? Kraal is an Afrikaans term for an enclosure for cattle or other livestock. It's roughly cognate with the English word "corral", as in "gunfight at the OK".
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What movie and television projects has Manoushka Kraal been in?

Manoushka Kraal has: Played Meisje in "Ik ben je moeder niet" in 1995. Played Vriendin in "Ik ben je moeder niet" in 1995. Played Suzanne Lomans in "Ernstige delicten" in 2002 ( Full Answer )
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What sort of person dwelled in a kraal?

A kraal is a traditional African village of huts, usually enclosedby a fence of very thorny bushes. So, African natives would dwellin a kraal.