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What do krabs eat?

Blue crabs are scavengers. They eat edible wastes in the water. Crabs can also be predators. They eat shellfish beds and seaweed. They will also eat snails, mussels, and decay (MORE)
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Is SpongeBob going with Mr Krabs?

Mr. Krabs main interest in Spongebob is financial. Mr. Krabs main interest in life is money. Even when he went gaga over Mrs. Puff, his cash register heart overcame his emotio (MORE)
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How old is Mr Krabs in SpongeBob?

He is 91 yrs old 56 it tells on a episode on spongebob hes 54 woah that means that squidwards the oldest one in the show cause hes 63 no no no mr krabs 67
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How Old Is Ugene Krabs?

\nHe's only ever described as being 'quite old', and btw learn to spell!!! XD
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Where can you download moar krabs for mugen?

go to youtube. look up moar-krabs- in that specific site you searched their is bond to be many links to give u that char for your mugen. good luck,;'
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How did Mr. Krabs get Pearl?

If I remember, Mr.Krabs went somewhere where he saw a lot of money and Pearl as a baby. He could only pick one for some reason so he chose Pearl and the money was lost. That's (MORE)
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What is moar krabs?

"Moar Krabs" is a mildly popular internet meme (particularly on YouTube) that features a disturbing, zombie-like Mr. Krabs saying, "More." This clip was originally featured in (MORE)
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Who is moar krabs?

Moar Krabs is a meme of Mr Krabs, taken from the episode "Jellyfish Hunter". It comes from the part of the episode where SpongeBob is hunting jellyfish for Mr. Krabs, and Krab (MORE)
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How do you defeat Krabs?

whack him with the spatula and use the hammer and throw neptunes trident