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What is the venomous banded krait?

The Banded Krait is the common name for Bungarus fasciatus, a venomous snake of the Elapidae family. It is native to the whole of the Indo-Chinese region, the Malaysian penins ( Full Answer )
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What are the differences between kraits and vipers?

Kraits are apart of the group Elapidae (elapids) which include other neurotoxic snakes such as Cobras and Coral Snakes. This group is separate from the other main group of ven ( Full Answer )
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Which is more dangerous a taipan and a black momba a king cobra and a common krait a king cobra and a tiger snake or a green momba and a black momba?

\nWell, all of these 6 snakes are highly venomous.\nIt's really hard to ratify snakes. But some ideas can be shared.\n1. Taipans have the most toxic venom of any land snake in ( Full Answer )
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How many specis in India of krait?

species in venomous order: common krait, banded krait, black krait, lesser black krait, sind krait, northeastern hiil krait, south andaman krait
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Is KRAIT is a venomous snake?

No snake kills with more ruthless efficiency than the many-banded krait, which dwells in the jungles of India and Southeast Asia. Drop for drop, its venom is the deadliest of ( Full Answer )
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Is kraite a venomous snake?

Yes it is. However - it primarily spends its time in the ocean and rarely comes into contact with humans !
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What is a sea kraits number of species?

A sea krait is a type of sea snake. Sea kraits belong to the genus Laticauda . There are only five species of sea kraits.