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What is the origin of the Kraken?

the origin of krakken means hell tentacles of the deep the kraken is known to live in the deepest parts of the ocean it may have existed before because their is claims of peop (MORE)
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Is Kraken Real?

While the monster you may or may not be thinking of isn't real, the Kraken IS based on a real animal--the giant squid.
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What is a Kraken?

Kraken . A Kraken is a huge sea monster in Norwegian Greek legend that looks like a giant octopus or giant squid. The legend may very well be born from rare occurrences o (MORE)
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What is the kraken?

The Kraken of Greek Mythology was a great storm that would periodically come in from the sea and do great damage, much like our hurricanes.
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What is the legend of the Kraken?

The Kraken was a huge octopus that's true size was the subject of confusion. Some think it was simply a big octopus. Some think it was a monstrous being whose tentacles spanne (MORE)
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Is there a kraken?

Yes. In old carribean folk storys there was mention of a 'underwater demon' that was controlled by the legondary ghost of davey Jones. It was said to go about killing sailors (MORE)
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How big is the Kraken?

nobody really knows, scientists only measured a baby and said itwas the size of ten buses, they don't truly know how big they getbut people don't know think it bigger or bigge (MORE)
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Where does the kraken live?

While most people would say deep UNDER the Ocean, the truth is near the Burmuda Triangle. It lives in a cave on and island inside the Bermuda Triangle. Legend has it, it prote (MORE)
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Is the kraken dangerous?

It is a mythical creature, so no, it is not dangerous in real life.
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How did the kraken die?

There is no single kraken. The name refers to any large squid or perhaps even octopus. The sea monster Cetus killed by Perseus (who used the gorgon head of Medusa to turn it (MORE)
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How do you kill kraken?

Two ways either the creator destroys it or you turn it into stone with Medusa's head
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How strong is a kraken?

The stregnth of a Kraken is unknown, because it is a mythilogical creature. There is no way to measure the stregnth of a unreal character. In the Pirates of the Caribbean Movi (MORE)
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How do you pronounce Kraken?

CRACK-EN iTHiNK tbh i think it's just a matter of where you come from and what your accent is, i pronounce it Krah-Ken but my family pronounce it Krack-in it's just how you w (MORE)
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What is project kraken?

Project Kraken is a special organisation that is on a mission to find and discover the kraken.
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Who controls the kraken?

the Kraken differs according to where you look, in some cases the Kraken is a titan son of Poseidon, but in other cases the Kraken is the titan child of Hades so it really dep (MORE)
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WHAT did the kraken do?

The Kraken was a the Underwater type of Godzilla. its an eight-legged badass with an attitude like a brainwashed dinosaur crossed with a drunk 50-year-old from liverpool, alth (MORE)
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Who has seen the kraken?

Captain Jack Sparrow. And numerous sailors till very recently, when nobody dared to tell what they had seen (or imagined). Then suddenly a partly decayed gigantic squid was (MORE)
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What made the kraken?

So Zeus can get revenge on the titian he order hades to give birth to a beast THE KRAKEN
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How do you kill the kraken?

you cut off medusa's head then show it to the Kraken Several misconceptions in the above answer: . Medusa is a character in Greek mythology. The Kraken is from Norse mytho (MORE)
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Is kraken a fact?

The Kraken is a legendary sea monster. It ispossible that ancient sightings and/or fishing of giant squidspecimens ( Architeuthisdux ) were the base for this legend. . The (MORE)
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Does the kraken exsiced?

No one knows for sure we do know many people have said to haveseen and "underwater demon". . The "underwater demon" is called in Caribbean islands as«LUSCA».
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How old is the kraken?

There is imagined to be more then one of these sea monsters off the coast of Norway and Iceland the first mention was in 1735 by Carl Linnaeus.
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What is kraken doing?

probably sitting in the ocean eating fish sticks and watching Sponge Bob.
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Is a kraken true?

The Kraken is a legendary sea monster. . But the Triassic Kraken is still considered a cryptid,more exactly a gigantic cephalopod hypothesized to be responsiblefor the de (MORE)