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What is kwaito?

Kwaito is a dance that originated in South Africa. It is almost the same as hip hop, dance hall and some other dance that i can't think of right now. Check on Wikipedia.
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What is kwaito music and where does originate?

Kwaito music is an African music genre with elements of slowed down Euro-house. Kwaito artists either sing, rap or chant over the beat. Kwaito originated in Soweto, South Afri ( Full Answer )
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What instruments are used in Kwaito music?

Kwaito music originated in the 1990s in Johannesburg, South Africa.Instruments used to make kwaito music include synthesizers, drummachines, and samplers.
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Who is the best kwaito artist in Namibia?

EES, or Easy Eric Sell, is considered by many to be the best Kwaito artist in Namibia. Some other popular artists for this music genre are Chipolopolo, OmZoo, and PDK.
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What is worn in kwaito dance?

Kwaito dancing originated in Africa in the 1990s. The attire mostoften worn is the floppy hats and converse tennis shoes. What theywear can range from the rapper attire to the ( Full Answer )