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How far is Louisville KY to Greenboro KY?

There is no "Greenboro" Kentucky. However, there is a Greensburg, Kentucky and a Greensboro, North Carolina. The distance between Louisville, Kentucky and Greensburg, Kentucky (MORE)
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How far is Newport KY from Louisville KY?

The driving distance between Louisville, KY and Newport, KY is approximately 100 miles. The driving time would be approximately 1 hour 45 minutes if you were to travel non-sto (MORE)
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To Bowling Green KY from hustonville KY?

Take U.S. 127 SOUTH to the Louis B. Nunn - CUMBERLAND PKWY WEST. . Take Louis B. Nunn - CUMBERLAND PKWY WEST to I-65 SOUTH to BOWLING GREEN at EXIT 1B. . Take I-65 SOUTH to (MORE)
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What is the distance from Lou KY to Augusta KY?

There does not appear to be a City, Town. Village or CDP named "Lou" in the State of Kentucky either now or in some ancient time. Are you perhaps tryiing to locate the forme (MORE)
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How far is paducah KY from elizabethtown KY?

175 miles taking this route: . Take the Wendell H. Ford WESTERN KENTUCKY PKWY WEST from Elizabethtown to I-24 WEST to PADUCAH. . Take I-24 WEST to Paducah.
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What is there to do in Louisville KY?

There are many fun activities in Louisville. They have water parks, amusement parks and concert venues. The city of Louisville also hosts many special events, like the Iron Ma (MORE)
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What does KY stand for in ky jelly products?

"A spokesperson for K-Y jelly's maker, McNeil-PPC, a division of Johnson & Johnson, says "surprisingly little" is known about the name's origin. The best she could come up wit (MORE)
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Where in KY is Black Mountain KY?

Located on KY 2430, eight miles east of Harlan on KY 38, Evart's Trailhead enters the park from the south side of Black Mountain via Trails 10 and 12. The trail system's main (MORE)