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What rhymes with Kylie?

Smiley and riely is all i can think of and i dont really know if riely is a real word
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How old are Kendall and Kylie Jenner?

Kendall is 22 years old (her birthday is November 3, 1995) and Kylie is 20 (her birthday is August 10, 1997)
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What does Kylie minogue like doing?

Kylie is very free spirted however she adores her job and loves anything to do with the performing arts e.g singing dancing and acting.Outside of work she is very down to eart ( Full Answer )
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What is Kylie?

A kylie is a boomerang or a curved stick in Noongar, an Australian Aboriginal dialect. However, the name in Irish also means "graceful".
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Where is Kylie from?

She is from Aussie down under (Australia) and i think she wass born in Melborne!!!?
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Origin of Kylie?

The name Kylie is Australian, it means a boomerang that does not return, Aboriginal language. Irish (Gaelic) means graceful Femine version of Kyle popular in the 1960's on Aus ( Full Answer )
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Where does kylie minogue?

she used to live in chelsea london but now she lives near hyde park in a new apartment block, her apartment is worth 16 million!
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Who is Kylie Minogue?

Kylie Minogue is an Australian singing artist who first appeared on the TV soap "Neighbours". She also appeared in a few kids' feature shows when she was younger.
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Who Is Kylie Peterson?

She is an AWSOME person and she cares about her family and friends.. KYLIE!!! YOU ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How old are kenndle and Kylie Kardashian?

Kendall is 14 and Kylie just turned 13. Their last name is Jenner because Bruce Jenner the oplympion is there father
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What happened to Kylie Kenney?

she was a major victim of cyber bullying for two years of her life, but know she is fine due to the fact that she stood up and decided to do something about it. The girl recei ( Full Answer )
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On HorseIsle where is kylie?

Kylie is on Jungle Isle within the small gathering of huts above Tropiction. She is in the bottom right hut. *-JumpingWater &&Proud Bayian&&
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Who are kylie minogues siblings?

she has a brother called brendan minogue and a sister called dannii minogue. brendan works as a tv cameraman in Australia and dannii is basically an all-rounnder! she has appe ( Full Answer )
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What is Kylie Minogue's sister's name?

Kylie Minouge's sisters name is Danni Minogue, a judge on 'The X Factor' and a singer like her.
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What does Kylie Minogue wear?

She loves and is seen wearing a lot of dresses that are short at the front and long at the back! She also has been seen wearing jeans and nice tops with great big sunglasses!! ( Full Answer )
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What is Kylie Jenner's cell number?

Kylie Jenner's cell phone number is private. However, you could trysending her a message via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
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What motivated kylie minogue into singing?

it was her sister Dannii Minogue. Dannii brang kylie onto the stage to sing a duet and then she became very very famous. Then the tv show neighbours exepted her to act on the ( Full Answer )
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Where did kandell and kylie get their dog?

can anyone help me i want to know so bad bc my dad letting me get a dog and i want to get it there
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When did Kylie Minogue start to sing?

Kylie Minogue released her first single in Australia in 1988. It went to number 1 and was in the top 10 singles for that year. It was called "Locomotion"
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Are kendall and Kylie Armenians?

No, they are not Armenian. The Armenian descent in their family is from Robert Kardashian Sr, who isn't their biological father.
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What is kylie minogues favorite possession?

Well it's got to be the mini clay statue she got from one of her fans at one of her tours :) (I can't remember when the tour took place or date)
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Who is kylie and kendall Kardashian?

Their last name is Jenner not Kardashian. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the half sisters of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Robert Jr. Kardashian
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Where did kylie learn to dance?

how did kylie Jenner learn to pole dance i saw one of her videos and saw her dancing like a pro i wonder wear how who what and when this all started please answer thanks
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What charities has kylie minogue supported?

Kylie has supported various charities. She recorded Do They Know It's Christmas in 1989 with Band Aid II and Everybody Hurts with Helping Haiti in 2010. Kylie is an avid supp ( Full Answer )
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What is Kylie Minogue's goal?

Kylie has achieved a lot in her career and is one of the most successful recording artists in the world. She doesn't really have a goal any more, though she has said that she ( Full Answer )
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How do say kylie in German?

Kylie is pronounced the same in German as it is in English. There is no German equivalent.
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Did Kylie Minogue have plastic surgery?

She had an endoscopic brow lift and smas (mini mid face) lift in 2000 she was 31. Just google 'Kylie Minogue - Spinning around single' and you can see clearly on the single co ( Full Answer )
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Is kylie pentelow getting married?

Kylie Pentelow is a news reporter for ITV News West Country in theUK. She was born on June 29, 1979. There is no confirmed reportsthat Kylie is getting married, nor is there a ( Full Answer )
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Who is taller Kylie or Adele?

Adele, she was presented with an award on the Brit awards by Kylie and said that she felt like a tranny next to her as she was so much taller
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Who is Kylie Jenner?

She is the youngest daughter of Kris jenner and youngest sis of The Kardashian sisters. She is dating rapper/singer Tyga. She does not sing professionally, but she probably ( Full Answer )