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What is L's real name?

L Lawliet's name is L Lawliet it is shown in the death note movie L change the WorLd.
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What is L's real name in death note?

During the investigation, he tells the others to call him Ryuzaki. But his real name is lawliet..
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What are the countries that contain two letter L's?

There are eleven countries that contain two letter L's in theirnames. These include countries with "ll" Anguilla, MarshallIslands, Netherlands Antilles, Seychelles, Wallis and ( Full Answer )
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Why are there two L's in especially?

Almost all adjectives ending with an "L" have "ly" adverb forms with two L's. (e.g. normally, usually)
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Avril l's zip code?

What makes you so sure that any of us are sure of the answer to that question? Besides, since she is a famous celebrity, it should be natural that that she travels constantly. ( Full Answer )
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Why is llama spelled with two l's?

Two l's are pronounced as a y in the Spanish language. I would guess that's where it came from considering llamas are from South America and Spanish a prominent language there ( Full Answer )
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When is L's birthday?

So your into anime? Especially Death Note? Well then you want to know L's birth date I see... L was born on October 31, 1979. Any other questions...?. From Diedara-Kun
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How do we know l's real name?

cuz he tells light and chief yagami his real name it's Ryuuzaki actuly his name is L Lawliet if you buy number 13 of deathnote it comes with a card with his name on
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What is L's favorite fruit?

It has to be strawberries.... I have heard so much about him and strawberries sooo....
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Is Near L's son?

Okay, So Upto where i am. Near was In a Abandonned village.. Where F was looking for the cure for a virus. And F got affected, and the entire village got affected.. And ( Full Answer )
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How do you make L's voice on audacity?

If you mean when he made it sound synthetic and mechanical, he used a voice changer connected to his computer witch had a communication connection to the kanto region of Japan ( Full Answer )
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What does kill a few L's mean?

Okay, well L is an anime character from the popular anime/manga, Death note. In which L, a genius detective is trying to hunt down serial killer Light Yagami who uses the name ( Full Answer )
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Is cancelled spelled with two L's?

Only regularly in the UK. The American spelling, canceled ,no longer uses a doubled L.
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Why does Lloyd have 2 l's?

because it comes from Welsh - a double l is a letter in its own right as in Llewellyn, llan, etc
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Why does Google have two l's today?

Because today is Google's 11 birthday, so to speak. The 11th year since the search engine started. My how they've grown. *tear*
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What is L's personality?

L's personality is very sensitive. He is also playboy. To improve, L is the kind a guy who doesn't have social skills seeing as how he hides his self from the public world. ( Full Answer )
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Does the word marvelous have two L's?

It depends, really. If you're using American English rules, then marvellous is spelt with one L, but if you're not (like me!), it is spelt with two L's.
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Why do you have to spell the word carefully with two L's?

Because "careful" is a word, "ly" is the suffix turning it into an adverb, so rather than delete an "l," you just tack the suffix directly onto the word.
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What is L's name in Death Note?

L's real name is L Lawliet. He also goes by Hideki Ryuga, Ryuuzaki, Eraldo Coil and Danuve. It is unknown how many other aliases he may have.
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How many l's are there in 400ml?

1000mL = 1L For every 1000mL we have 1 L. So- 400mL x 1L/1000mL = 0.4L
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What episode is L's funeral death note?

There was no funeral. No one but the people who knew who L truly was knew he died. yeah but there was a alternitive ending at L's Funeral and I was wondering what episode it ( Full Answer )
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Can you drive a turbo on your l's?

in nsw you cannot drive a turbo car on your L's Or P's but you can drive a V8 on your L's
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What is L's favorite color?

L from what could you please tell me and i will answer it for you
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What is L's IQ?

It is never specified, though in How to Read, his intelligence stat is listed as 8/10 (and as 10/10 according to other sources from the anime).
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What 7 letter word has 2 l's?

allowed . aurally . ballots . balloon . balling . bellboy . bellhop . billing . calling . banally . callers . chilled . collars . college . dollars . dilling . ( Full Answer )
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Is near L's little brother?

No, Near was just L's successor. Ohba the creator, almost made Near and Mello( the other successor) the sons of L. But instead he made them just all grow up in Wammy's house.
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Who was Mary l's mother?

Mary I of England's mother was the first wife of Henry VIII,Catherine of Aragon. She is also known as "Bloody Mary" Mary I of Scotland's mother was Mary of Guise, wife of Jam ( Full Answer )
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How do you style your wig like L's?

Messy, messy, messy! Black hairspray/dye for the color, and then ruffle the wig with gel. You can see some neat examples if you look up images of 'L Cosplay'. Hope this helps ( Full Answer )
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What seven letter word has three l's?

bikinis Biminis cilicia dilisio finikin gibibit kibibit kirimia lipidic militia minikin oidioid pisidia sicilia silicic sinitic viridis wivin ( Full Answer )
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What are the three l's for a country?

land, labor, and loot are the three l's of power. You will need toknow later on in your life. you better remember it. I promise youwill need to know. Trust me. LAND LABOR LOO ( Full Answer )