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What are lab thermometers?

Laboratory thermometers are used to measure temperatures ortemperature changes with a high degree of precision. They are madeof metal or glass and strengthened through process ( Full Answer )
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What is The Oysters Lab?

The Oysters Lab is an educational scheme jointly run by the University of Maryland SciTech department and the Maryland Sea Grant Extension Program. It lets school students ( Full Answer )
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What is lab stuff?

It's safe to assume that "stuff" is not a technical term. If you're asking for information on various lab equipment, see the related questions below.
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What do lab technicians do?

Checking & processing the samples, cross check the patient name& ID on the sample container and the bar code stuck on thecontainer.and the tests requested for, informing the r ( Full Answer )
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What lab management is?

Laboratory management is concerned with the provision of materialsused for laboratory work. It also includes the maintenance andrepair of equipment and also the proper organiz ( Full Answer )
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What is lab safety?

Lab safety is the protocols used in a lab to make the lab safe and efficient. It usually comes along with a lot of other little things to make the lap safe, like proper SOPs ( ( Full Answer )
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What is a lab burner?

A Lab Burner is any aperatus that bares a flame as a heating source for chemistry work, a Bunsen Burner , Buitain Lab Burner, or Alcohol lamp.
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Who does lab tests?

they test on anything really like drugs/ medication A Pathologist is incharge of the laboratory. The supervisor, who is a technologist will be incharge of the section and th ( Full Answer )
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What not to do in lab?

never disobey any safety procedures. Never eat any hazardous materials, experiments, sharp objects, assistant scientists, and especially don't eat pizza because it is bad for ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of a lab?

To know the practical applications of the subject. And to motivate the students to know more regarding whatever has has been taught in the classroom.
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What is a lab monkey?

A lab monkey was used by scientists several decades ago. Scientists preformed tests on them. Lab Monkeys are now not used due to the fact that the monkeys were poorly treated. ( Full Answer )
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What is lab pack?

A 'lab pack' is a hazardous waste disposal term used to describe a container - typically a 55 gallon fiber or steel drum - filled with various small quantity containers of com ( Full Answer )
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DoYellow labs have to have yellow labs?

Do you mean do they have to have babies that are yellow labs? If you do, then it depends on if the parents are different breeds from each other. Then the pups will be a mix.. ( Full Answer )
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What is a stat lab?

A stat lab is a laboratory test ordered to be done immediately. anything "stat" means that it should be done right away.
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What is a lab dog?

A lab can be black, chocolate, or yellow in color. They weigh between 70-90 pounds. They were orignially bread to retrieve shot waterfowl from the water when people are out hu ( Full Answer )
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What is Lab?

A water and family loving dog with a friendly personality, life spans range from 13-17. These family pets are great with kids but will some times develop hip problems. Hope th ( Full Answer )
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Where is modred's lab?

if u r reffering 2 Astro-knights it is between the 2 hay bales u just walk on top of one and u will slip through and then u move the one on the left left (u need a key to ge ( Full Answer )
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Can you get yellow labs from black labs?

Actually, you can if there is yellow lab in the bloodline. If their great, great grandparents were yellow, then there is that small chance you will get a yellow lab.
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How do labs act?

Depends. sometimes they're lazy, sometimes they're bouncy; sometimes they're disobedient and sometimes they're not, But you can never tell! Just train it well...
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What is a lab baby?

Also known as a "Test Tube Baby", it is a baby that was aided by science to be created rather than the traditional form of fertilization. This is common for single women who w ( Full Answer )
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What are adaptations of labs?

Their intelligence, cranium, soft mouth, rutter like tails for better swimming, webbed toes for enhanced performance in the water and a outer layer of water repellent fur.
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What are lab experiments?

its when you are in a lab and your doing a experiment on a animal or chemicals or on something sientific
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What is coro lab?

CoRo Lab is a firm of an Ahmedabad based Artificial Intelligencestart up company CoRo. Founders Harsh Thaker and Hardik Thakerstarted it in 2009 and invented phenomenal softwa ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to the p2 lab?

Go to Route 17 via Route 1. Surf around, follow the currents. Navigate around Route 18. Make a crescent movement. Like the letter C. Surf again and it's a 50-50 chance between ( Full Answer )
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What is a photo lab?

A photo lab is a dark room where photos are developed. It has many chemicals that develop the photos.
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What is cat lab?

A Cath Lab is an examination room in a hospital or clinic with diagnostic imaging equipment used to support the catherization procedure. A catheter is inserted into a large ar ( Full Answer )
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How do you get my writing lab answer?

Answer Details . Displaying 1 to 10 of 10. Read this essay, titled "A Domestic Dispute," and then answer the questions about it.. (1) 1 When my husband and I were dating, ( Full Answer )
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What does a lab have or do?

they slobber a lot and play a lot and drink lots of water. they also like to bark and they are hard to train because they get distracted easily.
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What does a lab hunt?

most labs hunt ducks or something like that but really they can hunt anything that you say you want them to hunt.
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Where is the labs lab on bin wheevils?

If you go out of your nest onto 'map' if you hover over the place to the right of your nest it will show up as 'Labs Lab'. Click on this and you are now in labs lab.
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How does Dexter get into his lab?

It changes a few ways in each episode. Sometime he removes a book that open the book shelf (entrance) to his lab. Sometimes he has a separate remote control and pushes a butto ( Full Answer )
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When do you breed labs?

A bitch (female lab) can be bred when she turns two years of age. Dogs (male labs) can be bred about the same age.
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What is chemical lab?

It is a laboratory dedicated to chemical experiments, research, chemical analysis, teaching of chemistry etc.
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What is a maths lab?

An online lab where the instructor posts all the online assignments or in some cases, quizzes and practice midterms.
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What is a lab diamond?

A lab diamond is a diamond that is created in a lab under verycontrolled circumstances that mimic the environment in the earth'smantle. Lab diamonds and mined diamonds are ide ( Full Answer )