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What rhymes with labs?

Answer \n. \ncabs \n. \nSLABS BABS ABS TABS DADS TAGS
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What is -lab-?

a lab is short for Labrador it is also a dog breed
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Do labs shed?

they will shed to much for someone that's allergic to dog shed
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Why do labs snore?

They are not the only breeds. I have a boxer that snores louder than any human I have ever heard. . They are not the only breeds. I have a boxer that snores louder than any (MORE)
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DoYellow labs have to have yellow labs?

Do you mean do they have to have babies that are yellow labs? If you do, then it depends on if the parents are different breeds from each other. Then the pups will be a mix.. (MORE)
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Were do labs live?

well, I don't really know but,black labs live in Newfoundland.I have a black lab called Harley.
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Where are the Neopet labs?

If you mean the secret laboratory owned by the crazy mad scorchio scientist, you have to actually buy all 9 pieces to obtain access forever and ever to the lab location. And n (MORE)
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Are labs from England?

Nope. The labrador Retreiver was bred in Labrador Newfoundland, Before Newfoundland became a Canadian province.
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What do labs like to do?

they love to sleep and play al day like an other dog would like to do. but when it gets old and more weak, they get lazy and mostly want to sleep.
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Can you get yellow labs from black labs?

Actually, you can if there is yellow lab in the bloodline. If their great, great grandparents were yellow, then there is that small chance you will get a yellow lab.
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Are chocolate labs cutter than golden labs?

It just depends on which one you like, I don't think you can really choose its just an opinion. But if I had to pick it would be chocolate...i own 2 of them
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How do labs act?

Depends. sometimes they're lazy, sometimes they're bouncy; sometimes they're disobedient and sometimes they're not, But you can never tell! Just train it well...
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Are labs popular?

yes. many dog owners own labs.
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What are adaptations of labs?

Their intelligence, cranium, soft mouth, rutter like tails for better swimming, webbed toes for enhanced performance in the water and a outer layer of water repellent fur.
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When do you breed labs?

A bitch (female lab) can be bred when she turns two years of age. Dogs (male labs) can be bred about the same age.
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What labs get centrifuged?

The only lab that is centrifuged is the capsule for training pilotsand astronauts to handle high "G" forces.
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What is math lab-?

It is a free, drop-in tutorial program of the department of mathematics.