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What is labia?

The 'lips' portion of a women's genitals. They cover the 'hole' into the vagina as well the clitoris (above the 'hole') If you are looking at a women's genital area and noth (MORE)
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How do you get larger labia?

i have a large labia and i personally don't like it, but i do know how in certain cultures etc. people stretch their labia. after your shower or bath, pull on your labia with (MORE)

How do you pierce labia?

Body Piercing is not a hobby or recreational activity, it is a serious procedure that if done incorrectly can cause lasting long term damage to the body. Body Piercing is a se (MORE)

Why do I have a bump on my labia?

You can have a bump on your labia for any number of reasons. The worst case being some sort of an STD. It there's any chance of this, talk to your doctor and get tested righ (MORE)
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What if your labia is black?

It is normal for your labia to be different colors, the color can differentiate from top to bottom so as left to right.

What is labia major?

Outer thick lips of the vulva that cover and enclose the inner thin lips the labia minora, and the vestibule that contains the urinary orifice and the vaginal opening. Simply (MORE)