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What is the summary of the article Burning Out At Nine by Nadya Labi?

In the article, " Burning Out at Nine" by Nadya Labi, the author states that kids were very hectic in 1998. Research in 1997 showed that kids of every background were busy and (MORE)
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What is Labi Siffre best known for?

Labi Siffre is a British poet, songwriter, musician and singer. He is best known as the writer and singer of, "Something Inside So Strong" and "It Must Be Love". His track "I (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Labi Siffre been in?

Labi Siffre has: Played Singer in "Die Drehscheibe" in 1964. Played himself in "The Golden Shot" in 1967. Played himself in "The Harry Secombe Show" in 1968. Played himself in (MORE)