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Is it lady bird or lady bug?

you can call it whatever it's mostly named ladybird but now people call it ladybug because it is a bug and also ladybird because it can fly and has wings so people have differ (MORE)

What is a lady?

It's a female. It's basically what they call a girl when they are aadult. Adulthood is 18+ Lady could mean a wife as in "Is the lady of the house at home"? A Lady was the nobl (MORE)

How to be a lady?

Well, how to be a lady can be simple if you put your mind to it. Minding all the basic manners is one task such as, keeping your undergarments out of sight when wearing skirts (MORE)

How did the first lady be the first lady?

Lucy Webb Hayes was probably the first of the President's wives to be given that title while she lived in the White House. Writers of etiquette books, and those in Washington (MORE)
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What is the difference between ladies and lady and ladys?

Lady - is the singular form, referring to one woman. eg. "The ladywalked slowly" Ladies - is the singular form, referring to two or more women. eg."The ladies met for lunch" L (MORE)