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What do you know about Rudi Lamers?

Rudi Lammers is the Chief Police Officer for Australian CapitalTerritory (ACT) which is a community policing division for theAustralian Federal Police.In 2006 he was in charge (MORE)
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What is lamers?

You And Your Whole Lame World Of Friends Are Lamers...
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Who is Ryan lamers?

Ryan Lamers is an intelligent, fun, funny and athletic kid who has lots of friends and everybodt loves him!
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When was Laurence Lamers born?

Laurence Lamers was born on February 27, 1965, in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.
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What movie and television projects has Elizabeth Lamers been in?

Elizabeth Lamers has: Played Singer in "Club Life" in 1986. Played Grueling Greta in "Valet Girls" in 1987. Played Laura Graham in "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" in 1988. Played (MORE)
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What has the author Jean-Marc Lamere written?

Jean-Marc Lamere has written: 'Menaces sur les autoroutes de l'information' -- subject(s): Computer security, Information technology, Social aspects, Social aspects of Infor (MORE)