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How do you spell lame?

Exactly how you spell your name. You did well - lame is the correct spelling.
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What is the lame duck?

"Lame duck" is a political term to describe someone who has been voted out of office or termed out.
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Why are girls lame?

If a boy wrote this, go get a life in hell, and if a girl wrotethis... Same for you, but the real question is : WHY ARE BOYS SOANNOYING AND LAME? By the way, i`m a girl
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Are webkinz lame?

Depending on the person, if it's a little kid, then defidently no. But it is opinion wise defidently! If your a teen or adult, then yes some people think there lame
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Why was Vulcan lame?

He was born lame. He was an ugly baby when he was born so hismother Hera threw him off mount Olympus in disgust.
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What happens if you are lame?

People wont even talk to you or hang out with you If you are referring to lame as being unpopular then what happens is dependent on your belief. If you believe that you can' (MORE)
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What is the definition of lame ExampleThat was so lame?

Lame as an idiom: one def could be "out of touch"... Ex: II prefer a walkman than an mp3... He's so lame other definition: a completely uninteresting person: I don't wan (MORE)
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What is a lame excuse?

A lame excuse is an excuse of poor quality or lack of thought.. For instance, a man was late for work and he had no real reason why, so when his boss asked him why he was lat (MORE)
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What are lame jokes?

These jokes: knock knock who's there aren't u glad I didn't say jomamaz! What the heck u idiot:/ I'm just a carpenter.O.o u no like lgg. Someone actually said that tO me and I (MORE)
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Are PJs lame?

As long as you're not wearing them in public (unless you're like 6years old) then pjs are forever cool! What are you gonna wear jeansugg boots and a leather jacket to bed? HA (MORE)
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Is lame a noun?

Lame is a noun, verb, and adjective. The main use of the word "lame" is an adjective, however.
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Is it lame to not have a BFF?

No, actually. Some people don't find their true friend till later. I didn't find a true BFF till grade 8-9 .... We are still BFFs!! Even our children are! ( We are 31 ) (MORE)
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Why are parents lame?

To start, I am not a parent. I do not speak for parents. But not all parents are lame. Most parents aren't. All parents work hard for their kids or teens. They try to make l (MORE)
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Who was Timur the Lame?

Timur the Lame was a fourteenth-century conqueror and the founder of the Timurid dynasty, which lasted from 1730 to 1405, in Central Asia and the great great grandfather of Ba (MORE)
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Is marmaduke lame?

yes. i asked a friend if it was lame and he said yes. ANS2: yes
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Is stardoll lame?

Well, it really depends who you are. We all have different opinions, so no one can make that choice for you. Girls love Stardoll because it is about clothes, fashion, fame, fr (MORE)
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Is lame an adjective?

The word that rhymes with "name" is an adjective. Its originalmeaning was unable to walk, or walk without assistance. It came tomean "weak" in a similar way (a lame attempt). (MORE)
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Are penguins lame?

No they are awesome.... they are the cutiest birds ever nd who ever be hatin need to stfu lol
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Why do horses get lame?

it`s because of their owner. my horse was lame, but i rode him for ages every day & he eventually became perfect! u have to excercise him/her
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Is the 3DS lame?

No way! In my opinion it is a great games console! The 3d is great and so are the games. If you like Mario or Zelda I would recommend it and if you like games like resident ev (MORE)
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Is answers lame?

Nope because it can be REALLY helpful for homework :)
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What does lame stand for?

It doesn't stand for anything. It MEANS something because it is not an acronym; it is just a word. You know what? There is this awesome website called and you c (MORE)
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Are you as lame as you seem?

That question is a metter of opinion. No one can truely say whether a person is lame or not. We may have thoughts and ideas on how a person can be lame but it is not something (MORE)