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How do you swim laps?

well when u are in a pool u go down and that's pretty much a lap
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What is lapping?

Lapping is a type of process in machining. In this process, anabrasive is placed between two surfaces that are rubbed together bya machine or human.
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What are lapping insects?

Lapping insects - mouth parts of these insects enable them to lap or lick liquids from the outer surfaces of objects on which they feed.
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How do you get parallelism in lapping?

Typically, a double-sided lapping machine is used. The machine lapsboth sides of the part at the same time. The machines typicallyhave a system of pins/gears and retainers tha (MORE)
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What is lapping in machining?

Lapping is a grinding process. . It is done to remove high spots and to create a good seal between two surfaces. . A typical example would be lapping valves in an auto engin (MORE)
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What is a LAPS test?

Test considering Literary, Artistic, Political, and Scientific knowledge
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What is lapping compound?

A lapping compound is an abrasive mixture used to flatten metal or glass. It is also used to make sure the surfaces of two pieces (usually metal) will fit. You can use it in b (MORE)
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What are lapping animal?

A lapping animal is an animal that eats by using its tongue.Lapping animals include cats and dogs. A lapping animal does notuse its paws in any way to get food or eat food.
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What is the dog laps?

Do you mean the dog paddle? That's a type of swimming people do where they look like a dog when it is swimming. Usually using your hands to push through the water and have you (MORE)
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Is lapped an adjective?

It can be, as in car racing : a lapped rival. Lapped is the past tense and past participle of the verb to lap,which can mean to drink with the tongue, or to pass in a race.Lap (MORE)
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What is the area of Laps?

The area of Laps is 7,090,000.0 square meters.