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How long is a lap?

A lap can be either 25 meters or 50 meters. In the Olympics and major National events the swim 'long course' which means the pool is 50 meters in length. However, there are st ( Full Answer )
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What is a lap in a pool?

One length of the pool is one lap. Webster's II, New College Dictionary gives this definition in regard to pools: "2.b. One complete length of a straight course, as of a swi ( Full Answer )
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What is a lap?

a lap is a stretch of a m eg 100m or 25m A swimming lap is going down and back in a 25 meter pool
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What is a lap dance?

A lap dance is a specific type of sex dance offered in some strip clubs or (somewhat more formal) gentlemen's clubs in which the patron is seated, and the dancer is ( Full Answer )
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How do you lap dance?

How to perform a lap dance. It's sexy, it's fun, it's harmless, it's liberating and your partner will love it. Basic rules At no point during your entire performance ( Full Answer )
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What is a lap dog?

any kind of a small dog like a beagle. a dog that sits on your lap. a funny dog
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How do you swim laps?

well when u are in a pool u go down and that's pretty much a lap
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What is lap in F1?

Usually formula one tracks are designed in such a way that, they end where they begin. They may have their twists and turns but overall we can consider a track similar to a ci ( Full Answer )
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What is a flying lap?

A flying lap is a complete lap in qualifications. The driver leaves the pits, which is at a point after the start-finish line so the time does not begin until the driver finis ( Full Answer )
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Who is Phar Lap?

Phar Lap was a great famous race horse between the years of 1920s and the 1930s
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What rhymes with lap?

sap, crap, tap, rap, pap, cap, slap, tap. slap, crap, rap, tap, map, sap, cap, trap, gap, nap, etc..
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What is lapping?

Lapping is a type of process in machining. In this process, anabrasive is placed between two surfaces that are rubbed together bya machine or human.
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What are lapping insects?

Lapping insects - mouth parts of these insects enable them to lap or lick liquids from the outer surfaces of objects on which they feed.
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How do you get parallelism in lapping?

Typically, a double-sided lapping machine is used. The machine lapsboth sides of the part at the same time. The machines typicallyhave a system of pins/gears and retainers tha ( Full Answer )
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What is a pool lap?

A regular pool lap is 25 yards, or meters. In professional racing, such as the olympics, a 50 meter pool is used.
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What are lap dances?

To give a good lap dance you need to shake your body and get reeeaalllyyyy close to his dick. rub it and let him know that you know what he is packing down there. If you feel ( Full Answer )
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How do you lap a valve?

A lapping plate shaped to match the valve seat is used with lapping film or compound. On a large valve, it would be turned with a drill. On a small valve, by hand.
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What is a Lap Top?

Well a lap top is a portable personal computer which means it can be moved and has a capability with profiles and passwords, also has a wireless receiver to connect to the int ( Full Answer )
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What is a fast lap?

In motorsport, the fastest lap is the quickest lap run during a race. Some series, like A1 Grand Prix and the GP2 series, award bonus points to the driver/team with the fastes ( Full Answer )
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What is lapping in machining?

Lapping is a grinding process. . It is done to remove high spots and to create a good seal between two surfaces. . A typical example would be lapping valves in an auto engin ( Full Answer )
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What is a lap harp?

There are at least three different instruments that are commonly called "lap harps". . First, there are small lever harps , which are real harps, with vertical strings, th ( Full Answer )
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What is lapping compound?

A lapping compound is an abrasive mixture used to flatten metal or glass. It is also used to make sure the surfaces of two pieces (usually metal) will fit. You can use it in b ( Full Answer )
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What is the risk of lap top on your laps?

nothing really but if your careless or drinking something you can spill it and let it explode on your lap or being careless it can fall off and break unless you sitting on the ( Full Answer )
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What is a lap choley?

A Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, also known as a Lap Choley , is the surgical removal of the gallbladder using a laparoscope and other instruments inserted through three or fo ( Full Answer )
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What is a lap of hay?

This could ba another term for a flake of hay or a pat of hay. I'm sure there are other terms too. When the strings or wires are cut from a bale of hay, the hay doesn't just f ( Full Answer )
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What equals a lap?

Many people have different views on this. Most refer to a lap as one length of the pool. Others say is it down AND back.
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What is Lap fox?

Lap fox (Lapfox) known as Vulpvibe in 2006 when it was started is a website a 21 year old artist posts his own form of Electro music. Every Album has its own Fursona and style ( Full Answer )
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What is lap dip?

Simply: A lab dip is a swatch of fabric test dyed to hit a colour standard. To know more: Several lab dips may be submitted for feedback until the standard is achieved ( Full Answer )
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What are lapping animal?

A lapping animal is an animal that eats by using its tongue.Lapping animals include cats and dogs. A lapping animal does notuse its paws in any way to get food or eat food.
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What is lap tap?

A laptop is a computer that is lighter and portable.You can do almost everything that you can do on the computer.
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What is the dog laps?

Do you mean the dog paddle? That's a type of swimming people do where they look like a dog when it is swimming. Usually using your hands to push through the water and have you ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of lap?

The definition of lap actually has many meanings. It could be referring to the front area of a person from the waist down to the knees while seated. It could also mean to take ( Full Answer )
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Is lapped an adjective?

It can be, as in car racing : a lapped rival. Lapped is the past tense and past participle of the verb to lap,which can mean to drink with the tongue, or to pass in a race.Lap ( Full Answer )
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Is lap a verb?

Yes - in motor racing a leader can go round a circuit quickly and be behind those who are one lap less, which when passing them they are said to have been 'lapped'. Also a c ( Full Answer )
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Is lap an adjective?

No, it is either a noun (with several meanings) or a verb (to lickup, or to pass in a driving circuit). Some of the meanings can usethe participles (lapped and lapping) as adj ( Full Answer )