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Where can you get a Barack Obama lapel pin?

I have face pins available. Also flashing magnetic backed pinss. Go to and push the Barak Obama Category button.. I also have MO shaped Obama Biden lapel p ( Full Answer )
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What is a lapel?

A lapel is a part of the front of a garment that is turned back and is usually a continuation of the collar.
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Green onion worn on a suite lapel?

\nIt's St David's day today, the Welsh emblem is a leek,\nSt. David is Wales' Patron saint and Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales. It was a leek in his button hole !
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How do you wear a lapel pin?

The lapel pin goes in the button hole that is sewn in the lapel. If there isn't one, then one goes about one inch down form the notch in the lapel and attaches the pin in that ( Full Answer )
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What are the lapel pins for?

Lapel Pins Lapel pins are smaller than trading pins. These usually goes on the collar or lapel of a suite. Lapels might be made out of cloisonne, off-set, soft enamel, or di ( Full Answer )
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What lapel pin does Obama wear?

He wears a US flag lapel pin. Please note that lapel pins do not make one more or less patriotic.
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On which side does a woman wear a lapel pin?

The left. This has been the standard for hundreds of years. Recently peoplehave mistakenly worn them on the right (which is for name tags, sothat when people shake your hand ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for the word lapel?

The groom wore a red lapel rose on his suit. A lapel is part of a garment, an extension from the collar.
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What is a flower worn by a man in his lapel?

The flower a man wears in his lapel is called a boutonniere (derived from French and means button hole in both France and England). It can be any type of flower that he choose ( Full Answer )
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Who makes custom lapel pins?

Hello Thanks for your time. We are pin badges factory in China. Hope to construct some business with you. Our customers are DPH, AWARD CANADA and so on. We also make Lio ( Full Answer )
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Is a jumpgate pin a kind of lapel pin?

The Jumpgate Pin was THE very first piece of merchandise everoffered to Babylon 5 fans when that show first ran in the mid-90's.
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Can you wear multiple lapel pins?

This is more of a fashion-oriented question. When it comes to politicians, I would say no. Politicians are to wear one lapel pin: the American Flag.
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What types of lapel pins are available?

A lapel pin is a small pin usually worn on the lapel of a jacket. They can be just for decoration or can indicate an affiliation with an organization or cause. Some examples w ( Full Answer )
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Does any company make lapel pins with dolphins on them?

The company Pin Source is a company that specifically makes a wide variety of lapel pins and if anyone was to make one with a dolphin then it would be this company.
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Are lapel pins still in style?

"Style" is merely an abstract concept. There are plenty of good quality well, designed lapel pins available. If you find them aesthetically pleasing, wear with pride!
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Do people still wear lapel pins?

People still wear lapel pins mostly to connect with others in their group. Lapel pins are best worn and used for events to be recognized as a member or participant of somethin ( Full Answer )
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What is the general price range of a lapel pin?

Lapel pins are generally not that expensive, but the cost would be associated with how elaborate the pin is, or whether or not it is custom made. Price is also based on the qu ( Full Answer )
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Are lapel pins a good way of advertising?

For products being featured to business people, label pins can be a great way to advertise. Because the pin is being worn, an individual that can answer questions about the pr ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get some nice lapel pins?

You can get nice lapel pins at various location, from the internet or brick and mortar businesses. If you want to view a wide selection you will find best results with a store ( Full Answer )
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Did Obama refuse to wear us flag lapel pin?

No, this is an internet myth, spread largely by his political opponents. For many years (as historical photos will show), a number of politicians did not wear a flag pin. Mr. ( Full Answer )
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What emblem is on the lapel flag pin worn by Sean Hannity?

It varies. Sometimes he wears an American flag lapel pin, as many political figures have also been doing since 9/11. Sometimes, however, he seems to wear a lapel pin with the ( Full Answer )
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Who invented lapel pins?

The Soviet Union was the first country to manufacture lapel pins. Lapel pins were made for baseball teams, fraternities, and sororities. They are worn on women's dresses, an ( Full Answer )
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Where can custom lapel pins be bought?

The Company "Pins Your Way" offers made-to-order lapel pins that can be mass produced and received within 10 business days. The company even offers a special rush system that ( Full Answer )
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What is the price of a Lapel microphone?

The price depends on manufacturer and quality. Cheap models can be acquired starting at the mere price of 62 USD, while more professional models can reach high beyond the 1000 ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find pins for a lapel boutonniere?

Pins for lapel boutonniere could be found at local good stores which have office equipment as well as stores which specialize in whole sales as well as large chain shops.
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Where can flag lapel pins be bought?

There are many stores which offer the consumer the opportunity to purchase flag lapel pins. For example, Amazon, USA Military Medals, e4Hats and Imprint items.
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Where can one purchase biker lapel pins?

Biker lapel pins can be obtained from a variety of places. The Amazon and eBay websites offer a great deal of choice and quite often have the lowest prices.
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Where can a wireless lapel microphone be bought?

Wireless lapel microphones can be purchased at many retail stores. The Source, Radio Shack, and Amazon all carry various lapel microphones which one may find suitable.
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What is the main purpose of a Lapel mic?

The main purpose of a Lapel Mic is for someone to use this mic on television, theatre, and public speaking applications and do hands-on activities at the same time.