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Where is LA at?

Answer . Los Angeles is in California. .
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What is LA?

las angeles
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What is a la?

a la is a pet also known as a cat, dog or fish. Name your pet Lemur la and you will have the power to stop time. I can do it! Also call your pet squirril a la and you will bec (MORE)
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Where in LA?

Stay away from my boyfriend.. yea ok..........but um LA is in California
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Who sings la la la la?

There is a scene in "Babe" the movie about the little pig, not the one about babe ruth, where babe sings "Jingle Bells" in "lalala...lalala.... lalala lala". This repeated on (MORE)
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What is la la?

la la means when you are singing in any place
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Why do la?

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Who sings la la la la la song?

Well, there are several "La La" songs that come to mind: "If You Seek Amy," by Britney Spears starts out with "La Las" andrepeats the same "La Las." Ashlee Simpson has a son (MORE)
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Is a La?

LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA. It's also the state code for Louisiana.
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Where is LA?

La (Los Angeles) is in southern california, right above San Diego.
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What song ends with la la la la la la la?

The song you could be talking about is "Hey Jude" which was made by The Beatles. It ends in "Naaaa Naa Naa NaNaNa Naaa, NaNaNa Naaa, Hey Jude." Sorry if wrong song. (MORE)
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Is la la la la la a song?

there is a song that has those lyrics, its called all around the world by ATC x
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What song has la la la?

"Deck the Halls" and "La, La, La," by Auburn
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What is that song that goes la la la la la?

That's the beginning of the final movement of the Second Suite, in E, for Military Band by Gustav Holst. Those first five notes are played by the tubas and follow the maj (MORE)
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What is the name of the song where the intro and chorus is a woman singing softly la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la?

The song you are talking about would be 'Around the World' by ATC . There are so many that start out that way....u can go ATC...or Kylie Minogue..or a slew of others...the (MORE)
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Why do you say la la la?

It is sort of upbeat, and is used to show happiness (unless it is sarcastic). Also, it is used to represent tunes in a song (i.e. la----lala, lala.) when put with some others (MORE)