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Where Are Lasers used?

Lasers are used in lots of different situations. Some of the common ones are laser shows, presentations, holography, scientific reasearch, engraving, CD and DVD players and ma (MORE)
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What are the Adavancements in lasers?

Answer . These are just a few advancements in lasers. Many of you would have heard of blu-ray, well it gets it's name from the laser diode inside, which is not really blue, (MORE)
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Why are lasers dangerous?

Most lasers aren't particularly dangerous as long as you don't stare directly into them. What danger there is comes from the fact that they produce coherent light, which is ne (MORE)
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Who discovered lasers?

Lasers were not discovered, but rather were invented - by a man called Theodore Maiman. Maiman created the first Laser, a ruby Laser, in 1960. "L.A.S.E.R." is an acronym sta (MORE)
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When were lasers created?

The idea of using visible light came around in the late '50's with the first patent attempt in 1958. The first working laser was made in 1960. It was based on an earlier inven (MORE)
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How lasers work?

Lasers are based on the phenomeon that when you give an atom specific energy, and some photon with some specific energy hits it, the atom will release a photon with the same w (MORE)
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Are lasers illegal?

Well i dont think so but you can get arrested if you do something bad with the etc, shine them at aircraft, blind some one and so on ... . In general lasers of 1mW or lower (MORE)
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What is the definition of lasers?

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. You get a laser when the light waves are all "marching in step", that is every wave goes through cres (MORE)
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What is a Laser-ranging?

A method of obtaining the range of a target by illuminating it witha laser.
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Why do you use lasers?

1. Lasers are used in metal industries to cut metals like steel, titanium, scandium. 2. It is used in satellites for data transmission. 3. Used by businessmen and common peop (MORE)
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What rhymes with lasers?

2 syllables: blazers, fraser's, laser's, nazer's, raisers, razor's, razors. 3 syllables: appraisers
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Are there lasers in space?

Certain astronomical phenomena are believed to be a result of the operation of natural lasers.\n. \nIf you mean man-made lasers: sure there are, on satellites and whatnot.
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Why lasers are monochromatic?

The whole idea of a laser is to be monochromatic, and coherent. There is no use talking about "coherence" (all light pieces in the same phase) if the light is a mixture of dif (MORE)
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Why are lasers called lasers?

Laser was originally an acronym, for "light amplification through stimulated emision of radiation".
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Who uses lasers?

jedis, veterinarians,
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Are lasers real?

I'm afraid yes - they're used all over the place
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How are lasers useful?

A laser installed inside of a level is very useful carrying a certain height to another location to insure the exact same height from point to point, as to make a foundation o (MORE)
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Are lasers cool?

yes they are to most people. for example at a place called timezone there is a game called laser quest and its very popular.
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What are lasers used for?

Examples: - printers - disk units - light source for fluorimeters - treatment lasers - surgical lasers - laser telemetry - spectrometry (ablation of the surface) - weapons - m (MORE)
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What are lasers transmitted by?

Laser isn't trasmitted by anything. It is itself, a transmission. L ight A mplification (by) S timulated E mission and R adiation
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What is meant by 'laser'?

L.A.S.E.R. = light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation