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What was the My Lai massacre?

On March 16, 1968, My Lai Massacre, Charlie Company, 11th Brigade,is on a "search and destroy" mission in the hamlet of My Lai.Something goes horribly wrong, resulting in viol (MORE)
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What is the plural of 'lay'?

If you mean the noun "lay", the plural is "lays". If you mean the plural form of the verb, it is always lay: we lay, you lay, they lay. Note: lay is a transitive verb. One can (MORE)
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What was the massacre at my lai?

It's formally known as the My Lai Massacre. Being one the most known events of the Vietnam War it was were a US troop didn't just kill the Vietcong soldiers but also the civil (MORE)
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Why are your hens not laying?

There are many reasons, but the most common is that they probably just aren't ready. Give them time: some breeds take months longer than others to start.
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What is laying mash?

Laying Mash is a specially formulated chicken feed , higher in protein and various minerals including calcium suited to the nutritional needs of hens producing eggs. The mash (MORE)
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Who is peng lai?

Peng peng lee is an amazing Canadian gymnast who is going to the Olympic games in 2012
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What does layed mean?

The correct spelling of the past tense of to lay is laid . It can mean that a floor was laid down, a plan was laid out, or that an egg was produced by an oviparous anima (MORE)
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Is it laying or lying?

That depends on whether the hen is laying an egg, or just lying down.
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How do you get a guy layed?

(if its u [a grl]) try 2 find out what he likes then seduce him (friend) try 2 find out what he like in a girl then get a girl like that who's his friend that also likes him ( (MORE)
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What rhymes with lays?

Words that rhyme with lays: . Ablaze . Allays . Amaze . Appraise . Arrays . Bays . Blase . Blaze . Braise . Brays . Braze . Cays . Clays . Craze (MORE)
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Why are lays haram?

Lays are haram because it is produced with animal fats called'Disodium Inosinate' which are produced from animal fats, frompigs.
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What happened at MY Lai?

The exact events at My Lai are clouded by conflicting versions of evidence and testimony. The first battalion of the 20th Infantry / 11th Brigade of the Americal Division was (MORE)
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What happen at MY lAI?

There was a huge military base owned by the Vietcong in My Lai. The U.S. general had orders to kill every Vietcong soldiers. .
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Is it were laying or were lying?

That depends on the usage. For example, both of these are correct: . He had been lying on the sofa for two hours. . He was laying his clothes on the sofa while he watched (MORE)
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Is laying a verb?

yes...i am almost positive it is (the act of doing something)
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Are lays halal?

PLAIN Lays chips are absolutely Halal. They are certified Kosher by the OU (they're the people whose symbol is a U inside a circle, often found near the weight). Kosher requir (MORE)
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What is street laying?

The art of laying in the middle of the street waiting for a car to come. Invented by Henry Sigmund, Neil Nachnani, Drake Johnson, and Mus
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How do you spell lay-by?

The usual spelling is "lay-by" but is seen as one word layby. The word is used in Britain to mean a road turnout lane (stopping or idling lane). The word is used in Austr (MORE)
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How do you spell laying?

That is the correct spelling of "laying" (verb to lay ) and can be used to mean a bird or animal laying eggs, laying carpet, or laying something down. The other form (MORE)
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Is lays an adjective?

No. the word lays is a verb form. It is the present tense, thirdperson singular form of the verb lay.