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Why do headgaskets leak?

Answer . Hey Lori==Several things can cause them to leak. The most common one is to overheat the engine. This causes the gaskets to burn between cylinders. Sometimes head b ( Full Answer )
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Why does your coolant leak?

Answer . \nAre you asking why is your coolant disappearing? If so, it can be a number of things. A blown head gasket, leaking water pump, radiator, heater core, hose, to na ( Full Answer )
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Why is your coolant leaking?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYou need to explain more on where exactly the coolant is leaking. There are several possible reasons why your coolant is leaking. If it's from ( Full Answer )
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What is a vacuum leak?

Answer . \nWhat is a Vacuum Leak ?\n. \n. \nA vacuum leak is any leak caused when sucking in Air either after the throttle plate of a carburetor or after the Air Meterin ( Full Answer )
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What is memory leak?

Answer . When a piece of software running for an extended time uses more and more memory. The software is not releasing its resources correctly! And so the machine cannot ( Full Answer )
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What is a diluent leak?

The word "diluent" has two common meanings in industry - one is as an additive mixed with a product to "dilute" it, or make it less concentrated, as in the chalk and other ine ( Full Answer )
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Where is my toilet leaking?

\nFrom where ever the water is coming from: Inside? outside? underneath. I can't see it from here.
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Why does a battery leak?

Crack or hole in the battery case or it is being overcharged by a defective voltage regulator.
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How do you leak semen?

When young men's penises get aroused they will often leak a little pre-ejaculate, or pre-cum. This will appear in your underwear. This is nothing to worry about. Sometimes ( Full Answer )
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Leaks on your fordfocus?

Depending on what year Focus you're driving there might be a recall or not for the leak. Check out and plug in your year and trim to see if there are any recal ( Full Answer )
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Why do diapers leak?

Because the absorbent material on the inside has absorbed all that it could, and could hold no more. The leaking is the excess fluid that was not picked up.
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Why do your breasts leak?

Some breasts leak every time there is a letdown or milk ejection. Some women don't leak at all. It has to do with the individual anatomy of each breast. Some women leak in the ( Full Answer )
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Why is your trunk leaking?

the bolts inside of trunk holding plastic bumper have rubber washers that go bad from over tightening and they will leak there. fixed my Seville with gasket sealer and new was ( Full Answer )
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What is a leak test?

leak test equipment is used to measure the escape of liquids, vacuum or gases from sealed components or systems.
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How do you stop a leak?

if its leaking from the head gaskets. The gaskets need to be replaced. If you dont have the proper tools it is going to be a huge pain. If leak continues try tightening the bo ( Full Answer )
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Can you have an electricity leak?

NO because electricity can not be seen and doesn't fill the air like gas so therefore you cannot have an electricity leak although you can have a gas leak this is where gas ( Full Answer )
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What are nuclear leaks?

By "nuclear leaks" is meant the leakage of radioactive material from a nuclear facility such as a nuclear reactor or a store of spent fuel. This would only happen if the fuel ( Full Answer )
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How do batteries leak?

well if u leave it to long lets say like an xbox controller it will leak.If u need anything that needs batteries i recomend duracel.
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What is a vac leak?

This could be short for a vacuum leak in, say, a vehicle's fuel/air mixture inlet system or in the braking system of a train or a truck that uses vacuum-operated brakes.
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Can tampons leak?

no when a tampon is inserted into the Virgina it blocks all liquid from escaping
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Where are the leaks in megaton?

The three leaks that can be found in Megaton (a quest initiated by Walter) are as follows; . On top of the Children of Atom. Reached easily by jumping down from the right c ( Full Answer )
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Why is your dishwasher leaking?

Because your not taking care of it. Go to Tesco or Asda and buy finish the best dishwasher quinterty.
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What is a leaked song?

A "leaked song" is a song that has been released to the public without that band's consent. Usually someone gets a hold of the song [usually a demo] and posts it on the intern ( Full Answer )
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Can you have an electrical leak?

Yes, though this would typically lead to an electrical fire Unless the electricity has been deliberately sent down another wire (like your neighbors stealing it), any elect ( Full Answer )
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Is leak an adverb?

No, leak is a verb because it is showing an action rather than describing one.
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Who is Greg leakes?

Greg Leakes is a successful real estate agent who was married to NeNe Leakes, from Real Housewives of Atlanta.
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Why do roofs leak?

Roof start leaking because of dirt and rain water. I use to clean the roof on weekend to avoid roof leaks. and once have used
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Will leak soup?

if there is a hole, or you serve soup in colander or quiche, yessoup will leak. or you can make soup from leeks and then it is apun.
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Why do tampons leak?

They can leak if there is too much blood in them, or because of the tampon brand, or it can just be the tampon itself. Try a different brand, a different tampon, or using a p ( Full Answer )
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Who is the leak in the closer?

Gabriel. Because, he was in the car with her along with Sanchez also, since he is Sergeant he is just below Brenda in the chain and he wants to become the Chief. Also, he has ( Full Answer )
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Why are your eyes leaking?

Your eyes are leaking because lack of tears. When your eyes tear its because your eyes have to let out tears this can cause your eye ball to fall out.
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What do you do if you have a leak in your pool?

That depends on what kind of pool you have. If its an inflatable pool or a plastic kiddy pool then you drain the water,patch up the leakage area with water proof tape and if ( Full Answer )
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How does oil leaks leak into the river?

There are some people who dump oil any place they can. This is obviously very stupid as it's ruining our environment as you point out.
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How does oil leak?

it spills. another way oil commonly leaks is when a seal wears out or fails.