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In Drunk Driving (DWI or DUI)

How do you stop drunk drivers from hitting your Ford truck 3 times in 2 years She still runs bent frame body cracked timing cover cracked alternator leaky seals everywhere God bless Ford trucks.?

Answer . Everyone needs to get involved in solving the drunk driver problem. If drunk drivers only caused property damage, it wouldn't be so bad, but they are killing peop (MORE)
In Lincoln Mark VIII

Hearing a leak in the rear air suspension of a 93 MarkVIII Could a bad air compressor do this or could it be a leaky airbag or a faulty solenoid also Can they be manually filled to hold air?

Answer . \nYou don't mention the mileage but if you're in the 80,000 range, more than likely it's the bag and they can't be manually filled. If left like that the compress (MORE)
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What causes 'leaky gut syndrome'?

gluten and sometimes processed foods and Monsanto causes theseproblems everybody gut is leaky because the world is full of junk andpollution.
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Do new tires need to be bought two at a time you have one tire that has a leak but the other three tires are in decent shape Should you buy two new tires or is it OK just to replace the one leaky tire?

It is better to match at least two tires. This helps keep the car running in alignment and will give you better control. If you have a good, full sized spare tire, one idea wo (MORE)