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What is the learing in sight of the story?

Answer . Lencho : the protagonist; owner of the land; " GOD " the postmaster : the kind-hearted individual who answered the letter; amazed by Lencho's strong faith in (MORE)
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Can epilepsy effect learing maths?

That will depend on the nature and severity of epilepsy. Many people with epilepsy do very well in all aspects of education. For others, epilepsy, like many health problems, c (MORE)
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What is troubles in learing English or another language?

The four most common issues encountered when learning a different language are: . Learning new words . Learning new grammatical structures . Learning colloquialisms/slan (MORE)
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What is the value of learing science?

Science is all around us if we didnt learn it then we could know anything about the earth,sun.bugs,etc. we would be hopless on the face of the earth. Too bad science does no (MORE)
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Are baby goats learing as they grow up?

Oh yes. They will learn how to be goats from their mothers and how to behave around people....from people! For more info on goats go to
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What book that colonial kid leared from?

It depends on what colony you are talking about of course, but if you mean English North America then the King James Bible and the works of Shakespeare. A reading of Hamlet is (MORE)
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A little learing is a dangerous thing?

The phrase comes from a poem by Alexander Pope (May 21, 1688 - May 30, 1744) called 'An Essay on Criticism': A little Learning is a dang'rous Thing; Drink deep, or taste (MORE)
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What techniques does Naruto end up learing?

the series has not ended yet so who knows but so far he has shadow clones, sexy jutso, rasengun, wind style:rasenshuriken ( very very powerful, something the fourth hokage cou (MORE)
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How is learing netball benefecial for kids?

learning netball is beneficial for kids because they learn a new game, thy interact with other peolple, they stay fit and it improves their thiking in whatmight happen-readin (MORE)
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What is learing?

Leering is to look with a sideways or oblique glance.
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What is a lesson leared in scorpia Alex Rider?

uhh... i guess the lesson learnt is to never do anything before you know the whole truth, even if truth doesnt sound very convincing. Think before you act.
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Is it difficult learing how to play a synthesizer?

It depends how much you practice. Pressing one note on a synth that does all the work for you is not "playing". Playing a synth is like playing a piano. It takes hard wor (MORE)
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What is latent learing?

It is the potential of learning, as yet in an undeveloped state
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What in the world is education online learing?

Education online learning is usually called distance learning at colleges. You can earn your degree through taking a class online and not have to attend a college in person. . (MORE)
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What rhymes with leared?

beard weird seared leered peered neared reared geared smeared queered
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How do you hack Plato learing?

Actually, I don't know how to hack that, and I don't want to know, or need to know. Since YOU asked that question, I want to know something. Why do YOU need to know this?
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Why did Alexandria become a major center of learing?

Its upper class of Macedonians and Greeks which took over the cityduring Alexander the Great's invasion established Greek customs andculture. Part of this was art and literatu (MORE)