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Who was Tony Lema?

Tony Lema (1933-1966) had a witty and good natured disposition.Tony started his PGA career in 1959. Tony won his first "official"PGA event in late 1962, when he defeated Bob R ( Full Answer )
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Did tony lema have children?

No, Tony Lema did not have children. He was a professional golfer.He passed away with his wife in an airplane crash at the age of 32.
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How do you pronounce Eloi Eloi lema sabachthani?

See the related link below. In IPA, the pronunciation is [ˈeːliː ˈeːliː] or [eˈlɔhiː eˈlɔhiː] then [ləˈmɑː ʃəˈvaqtani ( Full Answer )
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Who makes lema boats?

The Lema boats were designed by Richard "Dick"Lema His first boats were known as bonito then the name changed to lema boats when he found out another company had the same name ( Full Answer )
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Is there an animal called a Lema?

No, there is not an such an animal called a lema. There is ananimal that is called a llama.
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What are the achievements of Sean Lemas after 1945?

in 1959 he became taoiseach. He supported t.k Whitakers programme for economic expansion and so developed the economy. he wanted to invite foreign mnc9multi national compn ( Full Answer )
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How old is Tony Lema?

Tony Lema was born on February 25, 1934 and died on July 24, 1966. Tony Lema would have been 32 years old at the time of death or 81 years old today.
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What has the author Elieshi Lema written?

Elieshi Lema has written: 'The future of African indigenous publishing' 'Safari ya Prospa' 'Jithamini' 'Mwendo'
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What has the author Valentino M Lema written?

Valentino M. Lema has written: 'First Research Dissemination Workshop, June 28, 1997, Blantyre, Malawi' 'Knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to AIDS and HIV infect ( Full Answer )
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What has the author A J Lema written?

A. J. Lema has written: 'Crop water requirements and beneficial flood for the Rufiji Flood Plain agriculture' -- subject(s): Field crops, Floods, Water requirements