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Where is brian marshall a one time british comedian but now a script writer who appeared on BBC television in the Lena zavaroni show?

Hi this IS Brian Marshall.. Yes I did become a scriptwriter for the Krankies TV series and also Keith Harris. I then became and agent and manager for Sheila Ferguson form the (MORE)
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What has the author Anna-Lena Wiklund written?

Anna-Lena Wiklund has written: 'The syntax of tenselessness' -- subject(s): Swedish language, Tense, Verb 'The syntax of tenselessness: tense, aspect-agreeing infinitivals (MORE)
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What has the author Peter M Lenas written?

Peter M. Lenas has written: 'A historical guide for visitors to Old Corinth, Mycenae, Heraeum, Argos, Lerna, Tiryns, Nauplia, Epidaurus, Byzantine churches' -- subject(s): A (MORE)
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What is 'papa de Lena' when translated from French to English?

"Lena's daddy" is an English equivalent of the French phrase papa de Lena . The masculine singular diminutive, preposition, and feminine proper name translate literally into (MORE)
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How old are Stef an Lenas kids from the fosters?

Brandon Foster ~ Age:18 . Callie Adams-Foster ~ Age:17 . Jesus Adams-Foster ~ Age:16 . Mariana Adams-Foster ~ Age:16 . Jude Adams-Foster ~ Age:14 . Francesca Adams-Foster (MORE)
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How old are stef and lenas kids from the fosters?

Brandon is 18 ~ Callie is 17 ~ Jesus is 16 ~ Mariana is 16 and Judeis 14 . they also have an unborn daughter named Francesca , but shewas either Aborted or miscarried , due th (MORE)