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Was Lena Horne bi-racial?

. Lena Horne was Mixed-Race due to the fact that both of her parents were Mixed-Race people who were also of the largely-Multiracial Ethnic grouping called African-American. ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lena Karpinsky?

Lena Karpinsky is a contemporary Canadian artist living in Toronto. Lena is well-known for her decorative artworks. Her favorite subjects are music, flowers and Canadian land ( Full Answer )
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What is the email of Lena Katina? . ? Don't believe me? Fine! add this email, and THEN see if you belive me! .
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Did Lena Horne have kids?

Yes, she did have a son and a daughter. Their names are Edwin and Gail.
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Is Lena horne still alive?

Lena Horne, the famous singer and civil rights activist, passedaway in 2010 at the age of 92. She was born in Brooklyn, New York.
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What does Lena mean?

\n \n \n. \n The meaning of Lena is "lion strong". \n Lena, is generally used as a girl's name. It consists of 4 letters and 2 \nsyllables and is pronounced Le-na. ( Full Answer )
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Where does the Lena start?

The Lena River starts in the Baikal Mountains of Russia, south ofthe Central Siberian Plateau. It flows into the Arctic Circle, andis the eleventh longest river in the world.
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What did Lena Horne do?

Lena Horne sang, acted, danced as well as played a role as a CivilRights Activist.
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Who is Lena silver?

Lena Silver is a model/actress who is widely known here in Brazil. She is married and has 2 kids and 1 adopted child. .
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How many kids did Lena horne have?

She had 3 . . Lennie Hayton . ( 1947 - 24 April 1971) (his death) 1 CHILD. Louis Jones. (January 1937 - 1944) (divorced) 2 children. 1 CHILD BY SECOND HUSBAND "LEN ( Full Answer )
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Why did Lena whip Jimmy?

Because Jimmy forgot to brush his teeth with his mango tooth paste that Lena gave him.
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How old is Lena Horne?

Lena Horne was born on June 30, 1917 and died on May 9, 2010. Lena Horne would have been 92 years old at the time of death or 98 years old today.
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What is Lena horne net worth?

Lena Horne had a net worth of an estimated $315,000. She passed away in February of 2011 with her previous estimated value being $100,000.
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Do Lena horne have kids or grandkids?

Yes, her kids are Gail, born (December 21, 1937), and Edwin Jones, born (February 7, 1940-September 12, 1970) Kidney Disease.
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Was Lena Horne's mom white?

No both of Lena's parents are African American. Many African American's have fair skin as a result of race mixing with the once pure African bloodline. However, fair skin is ( Full Answer )
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What is Lena horne son's name?

Lena Horne's son's name was Thodore "Teddy" (after her father) Jones. He was born in 1940 and died of kidney failure in 1970.
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What were Maggie Lena walkers hobbies?

Outside of work, she remodeled her historic home. She promotedhumanitarian work from the time she was in her early teens, andcontinued to do so later in life when she was whee ( Full Answer )
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How old is Lena Ma?

Former Miss World Canada winner Lena Ma is 30 years old (birthdate: July 7, 1987).
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What happened to Lena Lewis of kusi?

she was fired for making inappropriate comments about a paraplegic juggler on a skateboard. hahah,,,hilarious. Here's the truth. After 10 years at KUSI as an Emmy award winni ( Full Answer )
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Is Lena Meyer-Landrut ticklish?

She hates tickle. She most ticklish at her feetsole and toes, bellybutton and under the armpits.
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Did Lena horne have a husband?

Yes Lena Horne had a husband, his name is Louis Jones whom she had a daughter and a son with, Louis and Lena divorced in 1994.
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Where did Lena horne live as a child?

Lots of different places. She was born in New York City. She moved to Pittsburg when she was three then Gorgia when she was 5. She also moved to Atlanta for a little bit and t ( Full Answer )
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Is Lena katina bisexual?

Lena Katina is not straight nor lesbian she has liked both men and women but is mostly attracted to men
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Do you no who Lena tatum is?

Lena Tatum is a old time Hollywood star. She starred in many movies but you cant really see them any more because they are from the late 1700's . Good luck finding her. Sh ( Full Answer )
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What nationality were Lena horne's parents?

Lena Horne's parents were both a mixture of Black White and NativeAmerican. She was born in Brooklyn NYC to parents of her samebackground and shade of skin. She may have self ( Full Answer )
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Is Lena a Hebrew name?

It's a German/Russian variant of Helen, which is a Greek name. But a Jewish person can have any name.
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What happened to the children of Lena baker?

Lena Baker was the mother of three children. Two of her childrenare deceased. As of 2003, it was confirmed that her third childlives in Florida.
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What does Lena mean in Yiddish?

Lena is a variation of Helen, which is a Greek name. It has no meaning in Yiddish, although it is a common Jewish name.
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Why was the river lena called lena?

The majority of people think the name Lena comes from the Evenk name of Elyu-Ene which means the large river.
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Where was Maggie Lena walker born at?

She was born in Richmond, Virginia two years and two months after the american civil war
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What does lena mean in Hebrew?

The name Lena has no meaning in Hebrew. Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew. Lena is a Scandinavian, German and Polish short form of HELENA or MAGDALENA, and a Russian s ( Full Answer )